Mom Confused When Daughter Says Her Legs Hurt, But When She Sees Why She Bursts Into Tears

Colorado is known for the Rocky Mountains, lots of snow and skiing, bald eagles and white water rafting. Many people from all over the country flock to the Centennial State for vacation and rent out expensive chalets in Aspen or raft down Echo Canyon River.

Colorado is also known for its sports. Between the Avalanche, Broncos, Rockies, and the Nuggets, Colorado has a rich history in sports entertainment. Much of that history involves an important tradition of cheerleaders.

In Denver’s East High School, the cheerleaders have a very large reputation to live up to and their coach, famous himself for his tumbling abilities, has recently come under fire for a method of training that is absolutely horrifying and physically dangerous!

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Mad World News:

As seen in the clip shared by 9 News NBC, a few coaches and teammates all joined together to force the girl into a split. Although she was already having trouble sitting into a full split, the coach decided to take things a step further and push her down into an extended split.

Normally, a split consists of a person spreading their legs on the floor in a full 180-degree position while their groin rests on the floor. It’s a skill that takes patience and dedication to achieve. Of course, if your body isn’t ready for something like that, it’s not something you want to force – but that’s exactly what happened. Clearly seen in the disheartening footage, Ally cried out 9 times in less than 24 seconds for the coach to “please, stop” as she screams in pain.

Despite the pain, coach Ozell Williams only pushed the girl down harder as everyone around Ally simply laughed. Even worse yet, it has since come to light that Ally wasn’t the only one – not by a long shot. In all, 8 cheerleaders got the same painful treatment even though they all said they didn’t want to take part.

As a result, Ally’s leg was injured as tendons, muscles, and ligaments were all torn during the shocking ordeal. Although the school was sent videos of the incident back in June, they’re acting as though they were just made aware since the local news picked up the story.

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The principal, assistant principal, assistant cheer coach, DPS deputy general counsel and Coach Williams have all been suspended.

Ally’s mother wrote a strongly worded letter to the administrator of the school, wondering if any other action would be taken. Now the Denver police are involved and only time will tell whether justice will be served.

Source: Mad World News

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