While Waiting For Official Presidential Photo, Military Pays Massive Tribute To Trump…Reagan Would Be Proud!

The advent of programs such as Photoshop, which enables users to make phenomenal adjustments to images, has had a profound effect on the photography business. Wrinkles and blemishes can be removed, colors can be adjusted, shadows opened up, and that’s just to scrape the surface of what can be done. These truly are amazing tools.

One other thing that such programs can do is to allow users to merge and replace portions of drawings and photos to create those enjoyable and often hilarious images we see circulating on the internet called, “memes.” A lot of creativity goes into making a quality meme. Frequently they are designed to make a point that somehow just wouldn’t be as effective if expressed in words.

When a new president is inaugurated, the photo of his predecessor that is displayed in government offices is removed and replaced with his successor. But what if a photo of his successor is not available yet? How does an agency comply with the rule to make this replacement when it does not have the new president’s picture? The staff at some military installations have solved this problem in a way that allows them to express their opinions at the same time.

You’ve no doubt seen the memes of Donald Trump showing him as a valiant warrior defending the nation, or displaying some other leadership quality. Some are inspiring, some are funny, and some direct biting criticism at Mr. Obama. It turns out that at our military bases, the lack of a proper photo of President Trump has led to an interesting solution: Print out highly complimentary memes of Donald Trump and use those to replace the photos of Obama.

What is happening is described here: “Obama’s portraits are coming down, and since our military couldn’t wait to see the faces of our new leaders on their walls, Obama’s images are being replaced on bases with memes of President Donald Trump and those in his administration, such as James Mattis.”

Examples of these memes would include one that has been, “circulating social media, [that] depicts Donald Trump on a tank with a large American flag and an AR-15.”

Here is the photo for your enjoyment:

Image result for trump on tank meme

And another:

U.S. Military Bases Replacing Obama Portraits With Trump, Mattis Memes


And let’s not forget the awesome images you find when you Google Image Search Ronald Reagan:

Image result for reagan tank meme

It’s a brilliant idea and goes to show you how our armed forces are ready to improvise when necessary to carry out their mission. They are an inspiration to us all.

Source: Mad World News

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