Ingenious: Mike Rowe Just Did One Brilliant Thing To Gun Control Freak…Liberal Is Now Going Insane!

Whenever anti-gun liberals try to make statements about how dangerous, irresponsible, and reckless gun owners are, they always come off sounding like an elementary school drop-out trying to discuss the inner workings of the atom with a scientist.

It’s more than a little amusing to hear people that know nothing about guns actually trying to tell gun enthusiasts that their guns are too dangerous for civilians to own.

Mike Rowe is always running into those kinds of liberals who want to tell the rest of the world how we are supposed to behave. So, he decided to strike back in a brilliant way.

From Louder With Crowder:

“Marla” on Facebook was upset that Rowe is speaking at Shot Show 2017. She called its attendees and organizers “gun nuts.” So Rowe did what Rowe does best. He dismantled her argument, while mocking her with loads of snarkiness…

It’s true, I’ll be in Vegas this week, addressing a roomful of people who like to shoot guns. While I’m at there, I’m going to make sure I see my friends at The SEAL Family Foundation. You’d love these guys, Marla. They look after the families of those involved with Naval Special Warfare. Remember Ty Woods and Glenn Dougherty – two of the men who died in Benghazi? The SEAL Family Foundation raised over $500,000 for their memorial fund.

Anyway, I’m going to stop by and thank them for their efforts, as well as for their help with a team-building event I arranged for my staff… The SEALs took my employees through an accelerated arms training session. There was an emphasis on safety.

How remarkable it is to see people who have never even held a gun go from uncomfortable, to tentative, to comfortable, to empowered. One day Marla, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to experience something similar, and listen to the stories of people who use guns to protect us.

As for you Marla – you can either stomp off in a cloud of righteous indignation, or you can accompany me to the SHOT Show as my guest, and see what all the fuss is about.

Isn’t it satisfying to watch a true professional at work?

In this case, Rowe made a self righteous liberal look totally foolish and completely insensitive to families of Navy SEALs who have suffered the loss of a family member in the defense of our country.

A country in which that liberal has the freedom to act as stupid and insensitive as she wants to and we have the freedom to make fun of her!

Source Louder With Crowder

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