Broadway Bias Bombshell! Mike Pence Gets Blasted, Booed…Hillary Clinton Gets THIS!

When career, typically liberal, politicians lose an election they don’t go away anymore. Instead, they skulk out of the limelight just long enough to regroup, regather their financial resources and find another political office to campaign for.

Such will most likely be the case for Hillary Clinton, who can’t seem to get the hint that most of America wants her gone from public service, altogether. The latest rumor is she will be running for the New York Mayor’s office, competing against incumbent Bill de Blasio. The sad fact is that there will be some ignorant snowflakes willing to vote for her!

Now that Hillary has fully ‘recovered’ from the election, she is now the subject of many rumors, such as the mayor race. She is slowly bringing herself back into the public eye before her upcoming appearance at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Coincidence? I think not!

So Hillary decided to attend a Broadway show in New York, but the reception she received was significantly different than what Vice-President elect Mike Pence experienced.

From Red State:

You may recall the hysteria just after the election when Mike Pence attended the Broadway smash hit, “Hamilton”. The crowd, cast and crew made went viral for their rudeness towards the new Vice President-elect. Hillary Clinton attended “The Color Purple” on Broadway, over the weekend the reaction to her visit was in stark contrast to the way Pence was received. According to Page Six, the audience gave Clinton three (3) standing ovations. They were just torn up that Hillary was at the play with them and not running the country…

Audience member Jordan Serpone, who shook Clinton’s hand at the show, told the New York Times that seeing her was an emotional experience.

“I was having every emotion I’ve tried to get rid of over the past few weeks,” he said. “She shouldn’t be here. She should be planning her Cabinet.”

The contrast between Broadway’s reactions to Pence and Clinton are stunning. And unacceptable.

The snowflakes may never recover from their disappointment at Hillary’s loss but as for the rest of us, we’re ecstatic that the most dishonest, evil, implacable and power hungry woman in modern times didn’t get elected! Now we can look forward to making America great again!

Source: Red State

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