Michelle Obama Just Insulted Every Woman In America, And Liberals Totally Missed It

It is not only polite but proper to keep a politician’s family members out of the debates and battles.

With both the Clinton and Obama administrations, the presidents’ wives dove into the political arena, especially Hillary, thus making their remarks and positions valid targets for debate and opposition.

And there is plenty of that as the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is just out of control.

Michelle is mad that Hillary did not follow her husband as president.

This is no surprise as Michelle Obama and Donald Trump could hardly be more different in attitudes and beliefs. And Michelle gives the impression of someone who is perpetually angry, anyway.

What has really gotten under her skin is that a slim majority of American women defied her insistence that they vote for Hillary.

That she’s furious is just too bad. Actually, she’s a sexist. And she has the temerity to suggest that for women not to vote for another woman for office is morally repulsive and a betrayal of their agenda.

Wonder if she would say that if the woman running for office were a staunch conservative? Anyway, observe the bigotry and sexism on display.

From Right Wing News:

“Speaking to the Inbound 2017 audience in Boston, Michelle said:

‘Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.

What does it mean for us as women that we look at these two candidates as women, and many of us said, that guy, he’s better for me, his voice is more true to me.’


While Hillary’s Junta-in-Waiting was always a threat to our Republic and the liberty and wealth of its middle-class citizens, Michelle is just going to be a nuisance.

Sort of like an annoying squeak in the car that you just can’t find and get eliminate.

And her message is one of pure sexism, and an attack on all conservative women and females who voted for Trump thereby betraying their gender.

You have to be a hard-core liberal to buy into this garbage.

“Hear that ladies? If you don’t vote for the candidate with the same reproductive organs as yourself, you’re a terrible person.

Why do the left have such an obsession with genitalia, anyway?

If you’re going to judge the suitability of Hillary Clinton, why not judge her for being a massive liar who’s been lying for decades?

To which we would add a number of crimes by Hillary, the enumeration of which would take up far too much space here.

At least Michelle is being genuine in one area:

She really is furious over the election of President Trump and at the women who enabled that glorious result. This is really personal for her.

“Yeah, because all the women’s magazines and The View and other things that tell women how to think were totally pushing Trump.

Michelle seriously believes that women could only possibly go Republican if they’re told (by their husbands, no doubt) to prefer the male candidate over the female candidate.

By asserting that women voted for Trump at their husbands’ insistence and not the other way around, she is implying that women are less strong-willed or persuasive than men.

There’s yet another slap at women, although it’s doubtful that Michelle is aware of all the implications of her statements.

We have a video of Michelle’s remarks if you have the time and stomach for them:

In all, 53% of women voters went for Trump, not Clinton.

Michelle is still ‘shaken to her core’ over the women who didn’t vote for Hillary, and the CNN talking head in the piece below says that they’ve submitted to the White House for comment, as if the Trump administration wants to bother giving the time of day to a former First Lady who is being extremely sexist in her beliefs about the priorities and minds of women.”

The Trump administration would be best advised to ignore Michelle.

Her opinions only resonate with a portion of the population that won’t support Trump anyway, and who are probably not even paying attention to what she’s saying.

However, Michelle has now firmly entered the ongoing political debate.

That means that while the White House might well ignore her as an insignificant nuisance, there will be other members of the media and various interest groups who WILL listen.

She might just want to take another vacation and think over this whole political activism thing before she finds some male or female conservative commentator mopping up the floor with her.

Source: Right Wing News

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