On Inauguration Day, Democrats DISSOLVED Into Teary Tirades…So Michelle Malkin Drops Biggest Truth Bomb Yet! [WATCH]

We are Day 4 into Donald Trump’s presidency, and the left is still living about eleven Tuesdays ago. Still furious that their candidate lost, they have done nothing in these past eleven weeks except cry, complain, and protest over something that they had control over, but couldn’t clinch the win. This protester crying as Trump took the oath will give you a strong example of what these people are truly like:

So these liberals decided that before Trump signs any bill into law that would offend them, or sign an executive action that would affect their daily lives, they decided to protest Trump for doing…nothing, except give a speech to unify America!

At the other end of the delusional spectrum, we thankfully have reasonable conservatives, who did not protest the inauguration of Barack Obama, although they were distraught by the news. Instead, they waited until they could exercise their vote once more, which they decisively did on November 8. Conservatives have delighted in the inauguration of Donald Trump, and are looking forward to seeing America return to the shining city on the hill that it used to be.

One such conservative, Michelle Malkin, was able to strike through the cord of dissension by sharing what Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was really all about. You can watch here:

From Yes I’m Right:

What Trump was REALLY saying is that America will actually have normalcy instead of a massive emotional and political free-for-all that Obama gave us the past 8 years.

Thankfully, we have people like Michelle Malkin to make sense of this liberal lunacy. She puts every leftist in their place instantly about their mass hissy fit.

“It just shows that there really are still two Americas,” Malkin said. “There’s normal everyday America that was inspired by Donald Trump, and then there’s the media and Hollywood that were gnashing their teeth and pulling their chins.”

Malkin said she was a guest on BBC Friday and was surprised by the negative reaction to how the speech has been received, including ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd comparing the current times to the Civil War.

“You would have thought that the apocalypse would have happened with these people,” Malkin said. “I don’t understand what you’re hearing. I heard soaring rhetoric, I heard inspiration, I heard unity.”

Hopefully after this weekend, the liberals will finally settle down and see that their loss was actually good for America. Maybe when they realize that their paychecks are lasting longer than normal, they will realize that Donald Trump is in the White House for the good of America, and not for himself.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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