Mexico’s Border Patrol Stopped 2 American Tourists At Checkpoint, Then The Unthinkable Happens

We are used to confronting and discussing the dangers that are attached to illegals entering our country through our southern border with Mexico. And there’s good reason for this since they often present real dangers to Americans. What we don’t think a whole lot about are any dangers Americans might encounter if visiting the nation from which these illegals originated.

We perhaps forget how fortunate we are to have nations on our northern and southern borders with which we enjoy peaceful relations. That certainly does not mean we don’t have our differences that cause some tensions, but no one expects the armed forces of Canada or Mexico to launch an invasion of the US. There are nations in the world that would love to have such good fortune.

Yet peaceful relations do not guarantee safe visits as two American tourists in Mexico just discovered. To make matters worse, their misfortune came at the hands of Mexican law enforcement officers. It seriously calls into question the wisdom of traveling to Mexico. Especially when one learns that these two Americans were killed in cold blood by Mexican authorities at a checkpoint.

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“Initially, members of a metropolitan special response unit known as “GROM” claimed that two men riding in a maroon pickup ran a checkpoint along the highway that connects this state with Zacatecas. As Breitbart Texas initially reported, Coahuila state authorities falsely claimed that the two men ran a checkpoint and then opened fire on police officers, who chased them. In response, police officers opened fire and killed the two alleged gunmen. The two men have since been identified as U.S. tourists. According to Mexico’s Reforma, the victims were identified as Demetrius Atkins and Edgar Valdez Rodriguez, a Mexican national but legal resident in Missouri.”

What we have is here is a tragedy, a vicious crime, and an encouragement for Americans to consider other tourist destinations than Mexico.

“According to Coahuila law enforcement officials, the tourists were not armed and did not elude the checkpoint. While authorities now believe the rogue police officers executed them in cold blood, a motive remains unclear.”

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Although two of the three officers allegedly involved in what looks like cold-blooded murder have been arrested and are in custody, it remains the responsibility of Mexican authorities to discern just what their motive was. It’s clear that this was no accidental killing resulting from a misunderstanding.

While it will not bring those Americans back to life, the very least we must demand from Mexico is an explanation and some indication of specific actions that will be taken to foreclose on a repeat occurrence. Lacking that, Americans are right to be concerned about the extent to which any such murderous intentions exist throughout Mexican law enforcement agencies.

In the meantime, we will vacation elsewhere.

Source: Breitbart

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