You’re Not Going To Believe How Mexican Cartels Are NOW Planning To Cross The Border — It’s FRIGHTENING!

Controlling the flow of people and traffic across the border is a monumental task for Border Patrol agents. Truly, a border wall would help make that task a lot easier.

A recent discovery near the Texas border is now making the border wall a necessity, in order to protect America from Mexican cartels smuggling in people, drugs, and all types of contraband. It also demonstrates the lengths to which smugglers are willing to go to get them here in the United States.

What Mexico’s drug cartels are currently doing is using military grade armored vehicles as part of their complex operation plan. One was discovered with a Texas License plate in a warehouse south of Rio Grande City, Texas near Camargo, Mexico by Tamaulipas State Police.

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From Conservative Tribune:

While Mexico’s drug cartels have been using military-grade armored trucks in their operations for some time, recent reports show these monstrosities — known by Mexicans as “Monstruos” and by Americans as “narco tanks” — being found closer and closer to the southern U.S. border, with some even bearing American license plates.

For instance, according to Breitbart, a recent Tamaulipas State Police patrol near the city of Camargo, immediately south of Rio Grande City, Texas, uncovered a warehouse with at least one such vehicle present.

“When authorities inspected the warehouse they found a truck covered in armor plating as a makeshift combat vehicle,” Breitbart reported. “The truck had Texas license plates. It remains unclear if the vehicle was previously stolen.”

They also have a more well-armored version Mexicans call  “Monstruos.” These armored monstrosities only demonstrate the level of violence the cartels are willing to go in order to get into America.
Now just imagine one of those monsters crossing the border with heaven only knows what on board — weapons, drugs, sex slaves, etc.

Moreover, Mexican cartels have been engineering their “narco tanks” more wisely by installing the armored paneling “on the inside so as to not draw unwanted attention from rival cartels and the military,” as noted by Business Insider two years ago.

The point is, America is being invaded whether liberals want to acknowledge it or not. If this were N. Korea or Iran shuttling soldiers in armored personnel carriers back and forth, America’s southern border would be called a war zone by now!

It shouldn’t be so difficult to protect our security, but liberals just don’t seem to realize America doesn’t owe asylum, welfare, and healthcare to the rest of the underprivileged world! Sanctuary isn’t a right, it’s a privilege!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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