Meryl Streep Was Just Forced To Eat All The Anti-Trump Lies She Told Last Night. This Has Gotta Hurt.

Growing up in conservative northwest Iowa, I was taught quite a few things. One of which was to respect your elders. The elders that surrounded me in my formative years were deserving of significant respect, as they shared wisdom and went out of their way to make sure my footing was sound before driving fourteen hours away to start college. These elders taught me the value of “faith, family, community, and meaningful work” (from Arthur Brooks’ A Conservative Heart – the ‘Happiness Portfolio’).

But what do you do when elders, namely, those who are supposed to set an example for you, do just the opposite? That is when discernment overrides everything, and you simply hold onto your wisdom and move on with your life.

So here we are, today, after sleeping off Meryl Streep’s inappropriate use of the podium to impart her political views, when she should have been thanking those who brought to this amazing, successful place that is Hollywood. Clearly, her values are myself, my opinions, my anger, and meaningful bitterness.

Thankfully, we have Fox News Host Meghan McCain to set Meryl Streep in her place by one very appropriate tweet. You will enjoy this:

Meghan McCain has been very vocal about Hollywood’s attempt to overthrow the votes and the will of the The People. If you liked the Meghan tweet, you are going to love what she has to say on Fox News’ Outnumbered before the holidays!

With less than two weeks before Donald Trump takes office, let us hope that our Founding Father’s manifesto to give all Americans life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is met through the use of healthy debate, as well as strong alignment to the Constitution.

Liberals like Meryl Streep are welcome to offer their suggestions to help these United States, but instead of articulating constructive thoughts, a continual bash on a person (namely, the Pres will do more harm than good. Perhaps Ms. Streep would like to come to Iowa and learn some valuable, wholesome lessons on the art of debate and seeking the good, true, and beautiful in this life.

Source: Proud Conservative

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