During Court Hearing, Melania Takes A MASSIVE Sledgehammer To Her Slanderer! The First Lady Will NOT Tolerate…

Just common decency dictates that there are some things you just do not do. One of those would be to take out the anger and frustration you harbor against a man on his wife and kids. That’s despicable behavior, and it supports the notion that your case against the man must be rather weak, otherwise you would not have stooped to such actions.

The other thing about doing that is it might just land you in legal trouble. People do not appreciate being slandered, nor do they appreciate someone slandering a family member. If fact, making defaming comments about a man’s wife is likely to generate a more robust response than any insult hurled at the man himself.

Mrs. Trump is a picture of grace and elegance. As a first-lady, she will represent our nation well, and in fact, has already done so. She has kept herself out of the acrimonious politics with which her husband must contend. Unlike Hillary Clinton, she is not trying to ride on her husband’s success as a vehicle for launching her own political career. So the responsible thing to do is to leave her alone. Unfortunately, one political activist apparently could not restrain himself and is now facing legal consequences.

Who has stooped to attacking Mrs. Trump? “Maryland-based blogger Webster Tarpley published rumors that Melania had once been a hooker, and she promptly filed a $150 million libel lawsuit against him in September. On Friday, the First Lady claimed her first victory in court, as a judge refused Tarpley’s request for the suit to be tossed out at a pretrial hearing.”

Is there anything worse that you could call a woman than a whore? What was Mr. Tarpley thinking?

The judge, in allowing the case to proceed, also finds Mr. Tarpley’s statement defamatory: “Maryland Judge Sharon Burrell seemed to agree, deciding the lawsuit would move forward. ‘The court believes most people, when they hear the words “high-end escort,” that describes a prostitute. There could be no more defamatory statement than to call a woman a prostitute,’ the judge said in her ruling.”

Good for the judge! Hopefully the case will be ruled in Mrs. Trump’s favor, although all that will mean is that Mr. Tarpley will have to write a sizeable check. In a previous era, he might have found himself on the receiving end of a more informal sort of justice at the fist of Mrs. Trump’s husband.

Source: Mad World News

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