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Melania Poses For Photo With Prince Harry, And The Internet Can’t Stop Staring At His Hand

Conspiracy theories abound as to the secret societies and their rituals and customs.

For many, the most notable among these organizations is the Mason Society.

Steeped in all sorts of traditions going back centuries, even many of our Founding Fathers were members, and even movies were made regarding their secrets in the founding of our own nation.

More contemporary authors have written many books about these secret leagues where members practice handshakes and gestures in public.

Strangely, many of them do so in photographs and videos, and it seems very odd that people who would want to keep their affiliations secret are practicing their rituals so publicly.

Recently, Prince Harry met with our First Lady at an Olympics style games called Invictus, created by the prince himself in 2014 and opened in Toronto this year to wounded veterans to compete from 17 different nations.

As he took a moment to pose with the Melania Trump for a photo, he happened to make an unusual gesture with his right hand inside his jacket.

Suddenly, the conspiracy theorists came out in droves to tell everyone their version of the “truth.”

Independent Journal Review:

“The first lady was on hand to cheer on the 90-member United States team, and she delivered remarks on the first day to inspire them all:

‘I learned that ‘Invictus’ means ‘unconquered’ and pays tribute to your fighting spirit. You have given so much for your country; you truly are our heroes.’

But then, Melania posed for a photo with Prince Harry.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Other theories abounded, including the suggestion it was a Masonic hand gesture or the American Sign Language sign meaning “I love you.”

Or it could have been entirely unintentional. Your guess is as good as theirs.

In doing a bit of research, it appears that there is not another instance of this particular use of the Masonic hand gesture inside the jacket in the way that Prince Harry is posing.

I’m inclined to think that he was either playing a joke to see who would notice, or it was completely unintentional.

If there was a series of photos of the prince with this particular pose, then there might be a theory worth looking into; otherwise, it seems this little joke by Harry might be on us.

Regardless, it won’t stop the Leftist wingnuts from thinking the Trumps are being hexed.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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