What Mitch McConnell Just Said About President Trump’s Border Wall…Words FAIL Me! [WATCH]

The issue of a border wall on America’s southern border which separates the US from Mexico has been supported by most voters. Voters who are concerned with national security. And their reason for concern is due to the possibility of terrorists sneaking across, alongside the hundreds of thousands of Mexican nationals who came in during the last eight years of former President Obama’s lax border enforcement policy.

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As part of President Trump’s extensive plan to secure our borders, the wall he promised to build would be paid for by Mexico, but that little stipulation is the subject of much discussion, disagreement and speculation. And there are high ranking, Republicans In Name Only (RINO), who are going so far as to mock Trump in his efforts to have Mexico pay for the wall.

When Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell was asked if Mexico would pay for the wall, he responded with a definite “NO!”

Watch the video of Mitch McConnell here.

Via Politico:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday threw cold water on President Donald Trump’s insistence that Mexico will pay for his proposed border wall.

“Uh, no,” McConnell said flatly, asked whether he thinks Mexico will foot the bill in an interview with POLITICO Playbook’s Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer.

If constructed, a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is expected, by some estimates, to cost $14 billion, if not much more. Even many Republicans are skeptical of the proposal because of the cost, and its biggest critics argue that it’s unnecessary in addition to expensive.

All the more reason to have Mexico pay for it. Because their illegal immigrants have siphoned billions of dollars out of the US economy from handouts, subsidies, public assistance, and foreign aid.

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Right from the very beginning of Donald Trump’s run for the presidency, Senator McConnell has been a critic and opponent of Trump’s candidacy, so it isn’t surprising that he would end up being a “naysayer” during a Trump administration.

Also, McConnell was a supporting player in the approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which would establish a borderless free trade zone between Canada, the US, and Mexico. Which is another liberal “redistribute the wealth” program that lays on the shoulders of US tax payers the burden of funding the poorer nations of the world (i.e. Central and South America).

Mexico may not like the idea of paying for a border wall, but if the funds come from money confiscated by US Customs for drug trafficking, it would amount to the same thing.

Source: Breitbart

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