Maxine Waters Colluding With Russia?! Documents Prove That She Has THESE Ties…

It is more than a bit ironic and highly hypocritical that those people pointing fingers and making the loudest accusations are themselves often guilty of the very same crimes they are accusing others of doing!

So when Maxine Waters (D-CA) calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, because of his alleged business dealings and collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election, you can be assured the loudmouth leech from California has a few skeletons of her own hidden in the closet.

As it turns out, Waters has some of her own money invested in Russia. About $200,000 in Russia-linked retirement accounts, according to a House financial disclosure document. What a hypocrite!

Got News reports:

California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters held $200,000 in Russia-linked retirement accounts in 2015, even while she hypocritically calls for President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment over his financial connections to Russia, according to her most recently available House financial disclosure documents.

Waters’ cash-grabbing shamelessness has never known bounds. In 2012, she barely squeaked through a three-year House Ethics Committee investigation after abusing her position to funnel $12 million in bailout money to her husband’s bank.

Her Russian investments will surprise no one in her district, where impromptu signs declaring the congresswoman a “poverty pimp” and a race baiter have been popping up for years.

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Waters also has some other investments that she would much prefer we didn’t know about:

Waters’ 2015 disclosure statement details her family’s investments in BlackRock’s Russia-connected Global Allocation and Balanced funds.

According to a Sept. 2015 BlackRock Balanced SEC filing:

Waters’ BlackRock Global fund held $3 million in Russian assets, at the same time her family profited!

Especially as, this year, the investors handling Waters’ retirement account are excited to dump more client money into the land of Vladimir Putin.

From Forbes, Jan. 27:

Sorry haters, Russia has survived sanctions. It survived $35 oil. And it survived two years of recession. Say what you will about Vladimir Putin, Russia’s economic management team has got its stuff together. And for that reason, BlackRock says Russia is a buy.

“What gets all of the attention regarding Russia is the geopolitics. But for all the negative opinion you can have out there on Russia, from an economic standpoint it’s been amazing. We are overweight Russian equities,” says Gerardo Rodriguez, a fund manager with BlackRock in New York.

Maxine Waters has been on a one-woman crusade for months now to have Trump impeached, and all she has to go on are the same worn out talking points that have already been debunked. The woman is clearly deranged, but that seems to be the requirement these days to be a Liberal Democrat politician. She and Nancy Pelosi are in good company! Maybe it’s Waters’ Russian investments we should be looking into now!

Source: Gateway Pundit

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