Boom! Mattis Issues New Orders To Military, ISIS Flees To Nearest Cave

The mainstream media might have enjoyed a cozy relationship with Mr. Obama and his administration as they both tried to make each other look good. President Trump is not particularly concerned if those media figures dislike him. In fact, he seems to thrive on their animosity, and actually enjoys provoking them.

Hence, they are not going to pry information out of him that he does not wish to release. Neither is Secretary of Defense Mattis going to be pushed around. He will share the information he wishes when he sees fit and not before. After all, our enemies watch television, too.

Hence, Secretary Mattis has announced that he has the authorization to increase the level of troops in Afghanistan, but that he is not revealing the numbers. Best to keep ISIS guessing at what is coming their way.

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In a speech on Monday, President Trump noted that although his initial reaction was to pull out of Afghanistan, that “he reached his decision after many meetings and decided to not only remain in Afghanistan, but to increase troops.

However, he didn’t reveal just how many troops, which left some feeling perturbed by the mystery.”

This frustration is from a media that somehow thinks it should know the military’s plans and strategies before they are executed. If they thought they were going to get any further with Secretary Mattis, they wound up frustrated again.

“ABC News reported Mattis admitted there is ‘a number that I’m authorized to go up to,’ and noted that additional forces will be announced after he establishes a plan with Gen. Joseph Dunford.

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“The four-star general also reinforced Trump’s comment that ‘conditions’ not ‘timelines’ would dictate military strategy.

“‘I’ll look at the number we have on the ground,’ he told reporters. ‘Reorganize those on the ground to align with the new strategy and bring whatever gap fillers I need.'”

In other words, Secretary Mattis is going to use the troops needed to accomplish the mission. A reasonable inference is that he has been authorized to use the number of troops he believes is necessary.

“When asked about the differences between Trump’s approach and previous attempts, Mattis advised skeptics to ‘watch it unfold’ to get the answer they seek.”

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In other words, Mattis is not going to tip his hand or reveal any information that might be helpful to the enemy. The press is going to have to be satisfied with reporting the news as it happens as opposed to prying out details that might jeopardize the mission or get more military personnel killed.

Mattis is not one to be bullied. The mainstream media had best get used to that or get used to spending several years extremely frustrated.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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