Muslim Immigrant Who Threatened Christians On Facebook Just Got THIS Massive Surprise!

The mainstream media have mostly taken a “they don’t really mean it” position when radical Muslim demonstrators take to the streets making threats of violence. This was due to the lackadaisical attitude former President Obama constantly projected concerning it.

And now, even law enforcement has been somewhat negligent in taking the threats seriously, but when a Muslim man does a stakeout at a Christian conference in South Dakota and then video records himself brandishing semi-automatic pistols and rifles while telling his viewers to “be afraid” and “be terrified,” that’s the time for law enforcement to stand up and take notice!

And they did…FINALLY!

When Muslim immigrant, Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber originally made the threats on Facebook, South Dakota authorities weren’t intending on charging him with terrorism, but have since reversed their decision and have now charged him with one count of making a terrorist threat.

Heat Street reported:

A Muslim man who broadcast a threat towards the attendees of Christian conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Facebook, is facing charges of terrorism despite earlier being let go by the police.

On Friday a Sioux Falls police spokesman said the local police department wouldn’t press charges against the 45-year-old man, identified as Ehab Jaber.

“He had a lot of guns with him, but he wasn’t breaking any laws,” local police officer Sam Clemens told KDLT-TV after the incident. “He didn’t threaten anybody directly. He didn’t threaten any groups of people, anything like that, and it’s not illegal to carry guns or have guns with you…”

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Jaber was escorted out of the Christian conference last week, prompting him to broadcast his disturbing threat to its attendees, who he claimed should be “terrified” as he showed his guns in the car.

According to The Political Insider:

In an additional post, Jaber challenged individuals who opposed him to a “shoot out,” but after the videos of him making threats went public, he posted another video saying he was not a threat.

After the kinds of threats, this guy was making, it wouldn’t be prudent to trust anything he said about it being a hollow threat or in jest, because that is another tactic of Islamic Jihad called “Taqiyya,” where it is ok and normal to lie about one’s intentions in order to fool the authorities. With the kinds of violence radical Muslims have committed recently, it would not be good for law enforcement to get fooled.

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Source: The Political Insider

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