Senate Just Passed A Massive New Bill 27-11 That Went Directly Against Americans’ Wishes

It has become abundantly clear that the battle over illegal immigration in all its permutations is not going to be over anytime soon. Nor will it be a battle that will be marked by reasoned debate. Part of that is because the real reasons for supporting illegal immigration often remain outside of the debate. And then there are uncontrolled emotions.

It also seems that the state of California has a financial death wish, or that a majority of its citizens believe that money can be conjured out of nothing in order to fund whatever programs they wish. In doing so, they ignore that they are not the federal government with its associated money-printing powers.

Whatever California’s problems, they are determined to make matters worse. This was obvious when Governor Moonbeam got a second shot at running the state. This is not a choice one makes when fiscal responsibility is a priority. It might be amusing to watch the man in action, but the results of bad policy are never amusing to behold or experience, and often times are very tragic.

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Given the state of politics in California, it should come as no surprise that its Senate has decided to go all-in on the sanctuary city policy and make it state-wide. Thus, should this become law, it will be unlawful for law enforcement officers in California to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration laws. And the policy is just as stupid as that sentence was convoluted.

What’s to be said? California has very generous welfare benefits. Not only that, it has very generous public employee retirement programs. At least it does now. Bereft of the notion that there are limitations to such things, the voters and legislators are hanging out the “free benefits for all” sign to include illegal migrants.

In a perfect world there would be no hunger, sickness, death, crime, or a whole bunch of other things we could mention. And humanitarian efforts to alleviate human suffering are some of the most noble of pursuits. The selflessness of many who pursue the improvement of the human condition is both humbling and inspiring to witness.

Yet we live in a world where scarcity and criminality both exist. Hence, what California is doing is not the answer. It will shift the misery around a bit, but it’s not going to solve the problem, and to the degree that the illegals will include violent criminals, it will make matters worse.

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Returning to the origin of this story, the California State Senate has passed a bill that will turn the entire jurisdiction into a “sanctuary state.” The vote was taken at the last minute which ought to give you some idea of what was going on.

“California’s legislature approved ‘sanctuary state’ protections for illegal aliens in a last-minute vote Saturday, limiting city and state police cooperation with federal immigration officials.

“The Associated Press reports that California lawmakers approved SB-54, which would place new restrictions on how local police and federal immigration officials interact.

“The approved bill will now head to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for approval.

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“Brown, who has announced his support for the bill after the state Senate leader agreed to allow corrections officers to cooperate with immigration officials, is expected to sign SB-54 into law.

“The Los Angeles Times reports that Republican legislators and sheriffs strongly opposed the bill, which passed 27-11 along party lines.

“The bill’s last-minute vote came after lawmakers extensively negotiated the details, according to the Hill.”

That the state’s sheriffs oppose the bill should come as no surprise. They are the ones who are going to have to deal with the aftermath of this disaster. Well, part of the aftermath. The financial burden will just get shoved off to when the next legislature convenes or whenever the inevitable bill comes due.

It’s nice to see that corrections officers can work with federal immigration agents. Apparently once an illegal immigrant has committed a crime, is convicted, and is in prison, he or she can be turned over to federal immigration authorities. Seems a little late for that.

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Anyway, try to make some sense out of this:

“The final version bans law enforcement from asking about immigration status or partaking in immigration enforcement efforts. It also prohibits local law enforcement from arresting people on civil immigration warrants.

“Police and sheriff’s offices, along with corrections officers in jails and prisons, can work with federal immigration officers to deport illegal aliens if they have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor that can be charged as a felony.

“However, they will be barred from handing over illegal aliens to federal authorities if they have only been convicted of minor offenses.”

California is a beautiful state with an economy easily large enough to take its place among the larger nations of the world if it were a country unto itself. Perhaps that’s the direction it wants to go?

Source: Breitbart

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