Marie Osmond Stuns, Scorches Hollywood Snowflakes…They Didn’t See This Coming!

Hollywood is very predictable. While there are rare exceptions, you can expect some form of support for leftist causes from its members. Hence they will love Obama and Hillary, and go into fits of rage over the election of Mr. Trump. It’s this little world of theirs that they live in. Departing from liberal dogma is tantamount to treason. So you don’t see much of it.

That said, there are talented folks in the entertainment business who are not screaming liberals like Michael Moore. They may be shunned by their colleagues for denying the liberal causes so dear to the hearts of Hollywood, but they remain an encouragement to conservatives.

As Donald Trump’s inauguration as president approaches, most of Hollywood finds themselves on the outside looking in. It’s an uncomfortable place for them to be, having spent eight years adoring Mr. Obama. But they’ve put themselves there with their vicious criticism of Trump, and their refusal to perform or having anything to do with his inauguration. Fine, because there are those who will participate, including one very famous star performer.

Marie Osmond is one exception to the norm for celebrities. She has said she would be pleased to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration: “While Marie has not yet been asked to perform, the songstress told Yahoo! Finance: ‘I think when it comes to our country we need to unite.’ Marie also told the website: ‘We should come together and I think an Inauguration should be a time to unite, it really should.'[…]”

What we have here is a mature attitude. Note that the story doesn’t reveal whether she is a Trump supporter or not. In one sense, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that she is willing to offer her considerable talents to support the president. And for someone from the entertainment industry that takes guts.

Source: The Political Insider

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