Man Converts To Islam — What He Does Next Is Absolutely DEMONIC!

Those who have concerns about Islam and the results of its teachings did not come to this place by accident or because of a search for a group to criticize. Militant Islam burst on the scene with its connections to violent acts, and with the threatening statements made by numerous prominent Muslim leaders. We desperately wish things were different.

Islam, therefore, has a problem to solve. That is if it wishes to relieve people’s concerns that with Islam comes the threat of violence. That the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful, valuable citizens is repeated endlessly, and it should be accepted as true. But what about the rest who are not so inclined to peaceful coexistence?

The story that is the subject of this article illustrates the problem. For some reason, a neo-Nazi was moved to convert to Islam. He then shot his two roommates and held three other persons hostage.

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“A Florida man who was formerly a neo-Nazi but recently converted to Islam killed his two roommates Friday for ‘disrespecting’ the Muslim faith. Police in Tampa, Florida arrested Devon Arthurs after he held three people hostage inside a smoke shop before leading authorities to the bodies of his two roommates.

“Arthurs, 18, yelled ‘Allah Mohammed’ while police walked him to a patrol car, according to the arrest affidavit. He told police he was angered by the world’s ‘anti-Muslim’ sentiments and ‘wanted to bring attention to his cause,’ according to the Tampa Bay Times. He said his roommates also shared his previous neo-Nazi beliefs.

“‘I had to do it,’ Arthurs told police. ‘This wouldn’t have happened if your country didn’t bomb my country.'”

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He went on to hold three persons hostage at a smoke shop. Fortunately the police were called and arrested him before he killed anyone else.

Where to begin with such a story? This is one profoundly messed up individual. Being part of the neo-Nazi movement isn’t exactly an indication of a tolerant spirit. Maybe he looked at the violent strains of Islam and decided this was where he belonged. Whether he actually converted to Islam or not is questionable. Perhaps he just liked some of the violent acts some Muslims have committed.

What is really strange is his claim that he committed these crimes because Americans bombed his country. His country is the U.S.

Whether he was already prone to violent acts and was just attracted to Islam because of the violent acts committed by some Muslims, or whether he learned something from radical Islam that motivated his crimes remains to be seen.

What is clear is that there are frequent and profound connections between the Islamic faith and violence. Until this is resolved, tensions are going to remain.

Source: Right Wing News

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