Mama Bear Just Delivered The Only Closure She Could For Her Dead Daughter — Justice Served.

The days of kids walking a mile or so to and from their local schools carefree are nothing like they were just a few decades ago. For many of us, nobody thought a thing of it, and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since our mothers’ didn’t always have cars to provide transportation.

Now we see kids being picked up from the bus stop near their homes even in what are considered “nice” neighborhoods. There’s a reason. Kids get kidnapped and parents are scared.

One fifteen-year old cheerleader vanished five years ago on her way to her bus stop. Through all of this time and anguish, the mother has persisted in seeking justice. While the body was never found, this mama bear ensured that the suspect was tried and convicted of kidnapping and murder.

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People magazine reported that, “[Sierra] LaMar disappeared on her way to the bus stop on March 16, 2012. Her mom was the last person to see her. The following day, police officers found LaMar’s phone near an intersection in Morgan Hill, Calif. Hours later, they found her purse and clothing — including her underwear — in a field nearly a mile away from her home.”

The police later made an arrest in the case. “They arrested a stranger they believed had been involved with her disappearance, Antolin Garcia-Torres.”

Although the body was never found, “prosecutors used Garcia-Torres’s testimony, video tape, and DNA evidence to try him for LaMar’s murder.” He was found guilty of kidnapping and murder.

After the verdict, the mother commented, “Nothing will take away the pain and sorrow we experience every day and for the rest of our lives. But we’ve been praying for this ending, justice. It gives us peace to know this will not happen to another family.”

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While the family believes justice has been served in this case, they have persisted in the search for their daughter’s body, enlisting the aid of community members in the search.

And they may learn where the body is, although from an unlikely source. “According to NBC Bay Area, the district attorney will likely offer to drop the death penalty in order to locate LaMar’s body and find closure for the family.”

It remains a terrible tragedy, and a sober warning to parents as they consider letting their kids walk the neighborhood, even to the bus stop.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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