President Trump Just Dropped A MAJOR Jobs Announcement — Americans Are Applauding!

Part of making a nation great is fostering an environment where business will grow adding new jobs and often better-paying jobs.

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It should be obvious to anyone who is willing to be objective that only the private sector creates real wealth. Businesses make products and services people choose to buy. Government, on the other hand, can only use force to move money around.

Hence, a nation with a growing private sector is a nation that will move in the direction of greater freedom and greater wealth. This is why the latest jobs report is so encouraging.

March is yet another month with increased job creation by the private sector. “The private sector added 263,000 jobs during the month, according to the monthly report from ADP and Moody’s Analytics said. Economists had forecast just 185,000 new jobs in March, according to a survey conducted by Reuters.”

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It’s nice to have surprises to the upside like that since it indicates that the economy is doing better than economists had predicted. This is just the sort of performance you want to see.

Small business is the real engine of growth and innovation. So while it is encouraging to see growth in the economy across the board, when it happens in small businesses, it’s especially good news. And that’s just what we see as well. “Small businesses led the jobs boom in March, with companies with fewer than 50 employees adding 118,000 positions. Companies with fewer than 20 employees created 60,000 of those jobs. Firms with 50 or more workers but fewer than 500 added 100,000, according to the report. The largest American companies added 45,000 jobs.”

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What the left fails to realize, or is unwilling to acknowledge, is how absolutely vital this sort of performance is to a nation. In addition, none of their precious programs would be possible without it.

The idea that business will prosper regardless of what the government might do to hinder it is false. This is a belief that too often manifests itself in liberal proposals. Piling regulations and bureaucratic demands on private business forces these engines of prosperity to divert resources from building their businesses and thus job opportunities to non-productive, time-wasting activities like complying with record-keeping and similar regulations.

As President Trump rolls back these job-destroying leftist programs and regulations, he fosters an environment in which businesses can grow. And this means more and better jobs. The American worker wins again.

Source: Breitbart

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