Lying Teen Thinks She Can Get Away With False Rape Accusation, Police Have A Big Surprise For Her

Thou shalt not bear false witness… The eighth commandment (or the ninth, if you’re Catholic) of the Ten Commandments. Bearing false witness in some people’s minds is no big deal. After all, you’re not hurting someone, right? Just telling a little lie.

Try telling that to the men and women accused of witchcraft back in Salem Village during the hysteria of the Witch Trials. They paid for lies about them with their lives, either pressed to death under the great weight of stones or hung by the neck at the gallows.

In Texas, a young woman seeking attention decided to self-inflict wounds, burst into a church and claim that she was kidnapped and raped in the woods. But she bore false witness, as the police detectives soon discovered. Those lies, however, didn’t come without a price. She’s now facing felony charges and the possibility of a very long prison term.

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Mad World News:

…Breana Harmon, now 19…ran into a church in Denison, Texas, claiming to have been abducted and gang-raped when she was 18 years old. However, when police investigators sat her down to interview her after expending resources to find her alleged attackers, she admitted that the whole story was a hoax. Now, she is being charged with multiple felonies.

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The teen made the false police report, and now, must pay a heavy price. Harmon is facing jail time for two counts of tampering with physical evidence and two counts of tampering with a government record after the teen ran into the local church covered in blood wearing nothing but a shirt, bra, and underwear, telling parishioners that black men had taken her into the woods and raped her.

Police filed a criminal case against Harmon because of the sick act she put on, and she has most recently been indicted. The more investigators looked into her ugly lie, the more apparent it became that Harmon’s intent was to provoke some kind of support and attention for herself.

Investigators said it was not entirely clear why Harmon wanted to pretend she had been beaten and raped, but it is clear that her actions could have her found guilty of felony criminal behavior, and now, she’s facing up to 32 years behind bars if convicted.

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This is the kind of so-called “victimless crime” by which so many people appear nonplussed; yet it is actually the polar opposite of a victimless crime.  First off, the amount of people it would take to look into a criminal case of this magnitude is enormous. We’re talking three potential perpetrators here and a heck of a lot of evidence through which to comb. As well, we are talking about a mass panic. When the police learn about a crime of this nature and find that the rapists are still at large, announcements are put out through the media and this is also potentially harmful when neighborhoods are on high alert for suspects that really don’t exist.

Finally, what about the girl herself. She was 18-years-old at the time of this charge and is now 19 and facing the possibility of not getting out of prison until she’s 51-years-old! Obviously, she won’t be receiving that kind of sentence, but it surely seems like this is far from a victimless crime.

Source:  Mad World News

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