Fox News Analyst Makes Shocking Loretta Lynch Observation…She Could Be Facing…

Imagine a country where its former chief law enforcement officer winds up in jail for corruption. You might be tempted to look elsewhere, but that would miss what might happen right here in the United States.

Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch was obviously a part of the inner circle that dominated the Obama administration. While we certainly had policy differences with her, that does not imply illegality by either party. However, in her zeal to protect various members of that administration, she might have strayed into committing offenses that are illegal.

This is what Judge Napolitano has been suggesting. She is now under investigation by a Senate committee, and if evidence that is alleged to exist is exposed, Judge Napolitano sees her going to prison.

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“Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox Business Network on Monday that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could be forced to testify on potential interface in the Hillary Clinton email investigation — and he claimed that jail time is still a possibility.

“‘I would actually extend it one step farther. There is enough evidence here, just on the basis of the little snippets given to the Senate Intelligence Committee by former FBI Director Jim Comey, that Mrs. Lynch was either conflicted or working at odds with the Justice Department and in behalf of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the DNC when she told them to use different terminology for the investigation.’

“Comey recently testified that Lynch instructed him to call the Clinton email probe a ‘matter’ rather than an ‘investigation.’ It was a request that the former FBI director admitted made him feel ‘queasy.'”

There are a number of people who ought to be feeling “queasy” right now including Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Lynch.

While we would admit that very little has been proven yet, you get the impression that several of these folks who served under Mr. Obama all know that they are guilty of a variety of crimes. It’s almost as though they are looking at each other, trying to figure out how to say as little as possible since exposing the crimes one of them committed would result in all of them facing charges.

“‘It is alleged, this document has not seen the light of day if it exists, that there are one or several emails between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Loretta Lynch concerning the behavior that Loretta Lynch will take to further the DNC interests while Mrs. Lynch was attorney general,’ Napolitano added.”

The judge pointed out that this amounts to obstruction of justice which, if convicted of such an offense, could send Mrs. Lynch to prison for five to ten years.

The question is, who would she take down with her?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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