Liberals Shocked To Find Out He’s Been Found Guilty, Sentenced For Sexually Abusing 3 Women

Sweden is once more in the news and the Scandinavian country appears to be more and more of an example everyday of why the European Union has been an absolute debacle for these once-proud nations. With all the talk of the success of a global New World Order over there in Europe, it seems almost fitting that the news keeps seeping out of that continent that speaks to quite a different tone.

A migrant from Afghanistan who became a successful CEO of a bookstore in Stockholm, was being hailed by Leftists as being a model citizen and held him up as an example of what every Swede should become.

The Muslim man was harboring a dark secret however, as police who had been alerted to some disturbing stories about this man’s business, ended up finding a bit more than books and subscriptions. They found bondage equipment he had used to rape and torture at least 3 Swedish women!

Mad World News:

When an asylum seeker became the CEO of a successful bookstore, the left hailed him as a model citizen and an example of a refugee contributing to society. However, their praise was quickly cut short once police discovered the sickening secret he’d been hiding in his store right under everyone’s noses.

As a poster child for successful immigration, a 41-year-old Afghan asylum seeker was lauded after becoming the CEO and board member of a well-known bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden. The educated Muslim migrant attained successful employment and quickly gained control of the business while taking the necessary steps for citizenship in April 2012. Just 4 years after making Sweden his permanent home, he has proven to be yet another criminal invader.

Fria Tider reports that the successful Afghan CEO was arrested for subjecting at least 3 women to unspeakable sexual abuse at his bookstore. After a thorough investigation, officials recovered various tools…which he used to physical torture his female rape victims.

Although the Afghan was found guilty of heinous crimes against all 3 women, he was sentenced to just 4 years and 6 months in prison, equaling only 18 months for each victim. Even more outrageous was the Stockholm District Court’s ruling that the man “cannot be expelled” because he was granted citizenship in 2012. Despite being given permanent residency, the court admitted that he has never appeared on the tax register.

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There is mounting evidence to support why Stockholm is named the “Rape Capital of the World.” With an influx of so many refugees and immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries, the culture clash between East and West is so vast as to be irreconcilable.

If the European Union continues to have its way, it won’t be long before the Swedish people will fail to exist in Sweden anymore, wiped away forever by the invasion.

Source: Mad World News

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