WATCH: With Liberal Plots Set For DISRUPTING Trump Inauguration, These ‘DEPLORABLES’ Are DEFENDING!

Inauguration Day 2017 is promising to be an exciting and action packed day if the Soros funded, anti-Trump protesters have their way and try to disrupt the ceremonies scheduled to take place on January 20.

The situation may even become too much for local law enforcement to handle and could require assistance.

Enter…”Bikers For Trump,” a group created back in 2015 by motorcycle enthusiast, Chris Cox, to show support for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

The Political Insider stated:

As President-elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration is only days away, the security threat has intensified. Liberal thugs have been caught threatening to fill the pro-Trump “Deploraball” with gas and cause major disruptions along the parade route. The FBI is on full alert, and security for the presidential inauguration and attendees will be strict.

The situation is getting chaotic, which is why veterans and patriots are now joining Bikers for Trump and riding their motorcycles in large groups to help keep the peace! As the group’s founder Chris Cox explained on Fox and Friends, their goal is to allow law enforcement to do their jobs, but be available to “pitch in” if necessary.

As Cox explained, “As patriots, we have to keep an eye on everybody, and we think Donald Trump would have us keep an eye on everybody.”

Cox told Fox News a day earlier: “In the event that we are needed, we will certainly form a wall of meat. We’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers. And we’ll be toe-to-toe with anyone who’s going to break through police barricades.”

You can watch the interview here:

We would hope that the inauguration ceremony would take place without a hitch but if the anti-Trump loonies do cause a problem, it’s good to know that backup is there and ready to act should the need arise!

Source: The Political Insider

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