BOMBSHELL: Liberals Fire Missiles To BULLY Barron Trump…But It Blows Up In Their Faces BIG TIME!

Barron Trump

If your dad is the President, and you happen to be the child of a liberal leftist Democrat, then it’s considered in very bad taste and unacceptable for entertainers and the journalists to attack you through television or social media. However, if you are the child of a hated Republican president, then it’s open season and all is fair.

Self-righteous hypocrisy has always been the hallmark of the progressive left, and yet they still have the gall to claim they have the moral high ground over the repugnant (in their minds) Republicans. Republicans, who have the audacity to believe people should be held responsible for their own misdeeds rather than blaming society for them.

So we see how the anti-Trump leftists relentlessly attack Donald Trump’s son, Barron, before they’ve really even had time to get any real information. Their opinions are all based on him acting bored, but what you found during Inauguration Day was quite the opposite!

From The Political Insider:

Hey, remember when people used to get fired over taking the Obama girls to task on their attitudes during a White House event? Now that President Trump is in the White House, going after the first kids is totally OK again!

During the inauguration, bitter liberals busied themselves with making horrible comments about Donald and Melania Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron. Barron has been attacked previously by Rosie O’Donnell who claimed he might have autism.

Here are 5 truly terrible tweets aimed at the boy on Inauguration Day. There were worse, but to weed out bots and trolls I limited myself to only people who have the blue “Twitter verified” check mark.

Katie Rich, a writer for Saturday Night Live, has been getting the most attention for tweeting that Barron will turn into a school shooter.

These people should be ashamed to be attacking a ten year old boy whom they don’t know. They know nothing about him, but are attacking his every move.

What they seemed to have missed on Inauguration Day is this charming exchange between himself and his nephew while his dad was taking care of business:

Maybe these people should stop judging and start helping Make America Great Again!

Source: The Political Insider

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