Self-Destruction: Liberals Fire Missile At Palin…But Truth Bomb Blows Up In Their Faces!

With Christmas just around the corner, you would think that the far left would take time to reflect upon the season. Perhaps they would consider sharing their resources and give to the needy and spread some Christmas cheer to those they meet on a given day.

Not. Even. Close.

I guess since they figured they are already on Santa’s naughty list, they might as well continue their path of destruction. Lies and deception against the conservatives is just a way of life for them.

Liberals have now gone too far. In their latest demand of eliminating all “fake news” from the internet, they themselves have created their own fake news story! And of course, they would have to target Sarah Palin.

Mad World News reports:

When they heard a rumor of Palin calling for a boycott at the Mall of America in Minnesota over its black Santa Claus, morons from the left took the bait — hook, line, and sinker.

The story was first posted by the left-leaning website Newslo, claiming that Palin called for a boycott of the Mall of America after telling the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, “Santa was always white in the Bible.” From that point on, the story was shared widely on social media by stupid liberals who believed the ridiculous claim.

However, the Star Tribune never ran such a story about Palin, and the newspaper’s managing editor, Suki Dardarian, came forward on Tuesday speaking with The Associated Press and clarifying that none of her reporters ever spoke with Palin about the mall hiring a black Santa.

Are heads rolling? Are people being fired for their horrendous journalistic actions?

Maybe the more important question is: Are the idiots who believed this article going to actually take a moment, and consider their source the next time they read something like that? Heaven, help us.

Hopefully a large lump of coal is found in their stockings come Sunday.

Source: Mad World News

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