Embarrassing! Liberal Loses It, Intimidates Ivanka: “Your Father Is…”

Being a liberal, pathetic snowflake has become somewhat of a viral plague, lately. For the past 8 years, the far left been catered to without limit and ad nauseum to the rest of normal, grassroots Americans.

By “normal” I mean the average family with parents who work and are more preoccupied with their children’s homework and after school sports than radical activism to force their viewpoints down the throats of everyone within earshot.

Even conservatives aren’t in-your-face about political issues. They wisely use their time to make their voice heard at their local polling location, not yelling and raving uncontrollably in public. Oh, they’re concerned, just not so concerned that they would create a scene on an airplane, of all places!

Conservative Tribune relates the story:

A deranged liberal passenger aboard a JetBlue flight Thursday morning from New York City to Palm Beach, Florida, reportedly hassled President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, berating her about her father’s political views.

“Your father is ruining my country!” the man screamed at her and her three children, all while holding his own child in his arms, according to TMZ. “Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.”

It should be noted that Ivanka Trump had chosen, for whatever reason, to fly couch that day. Regardless, according to other passengers, she handled the lunatic like a champ, keeping her composure the whole time and even trying to distract her children with crayons.

I mean really, did this guy think his crazy rant at the daughter of the president-elect would make any difference other than to get him thrown off the plane?

As I said earlier, the liberals are so accustomed to having the world jump whenever they snap their fingers, that they go into a full fledged emotional meltdown any time their every wish isn’t granted immediately!

Well at least cooler heads prevailed and most people, even many liberals, saw this guy’s bad behavior for what it is……BAD BEHAVIOR and unacceptable.

A word to the liberal wise out there: get over yourself and stop worrying about Trump so much. Go to work, pay your taxes, and live peaceably!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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