Liberal Feminist Shops At Muslim Store For Solidarity, Quickly Given Sharia Law Lesson She’ll Never Forget

Sweden has been in the U.S. news lately…a lot. Normally, people in the United States are not that interested in what happens in Europe except in passing. Many Conservatives in particular are somewhat more curious about what’s going on there simply due to the decisions made by that country over the past couple of decades, especially as it relates to Muslim immigration.

I am second generation American. My grandfather arrived here from Malmo, Sweden at the turn of the last century and settled in New York City. He opted to emigrate because of what he saw as a massive Socialist movement in that country of which he chose not to be a part.

Another Swede has witnessed first-hand this year what my grandfather saw over 100 years ago. She witnessed a complete breakdown in democracy. Her roots were Left-wing, but after a quick visit to a Somali Muslim store, where she believed that her money was better spent to show solidarity with their culture, she may well have turned into a Conservative. You see, the Somali owners refused her service because she did not wear a hijab!

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Mad World News:

[A] liberal feminist walked into a migrant-run store to show support for her new neighbors. However, as soon as she picked up an item for purchase, she was met with the brutal consequences of her decision, courtesy of the store owner himself.

Despite the undeniable warnings, the left continues to align themselves with Muslims whose religious texts and laws prohibit nearly every aspect of the liberal platform. Perhaps the most self-deprecating is the liberal feminist, who supports the very ideology which teaches that women are “deficient” and men are “in charge of women by right.” Unfortunately, it often takes the subjugation of such women to Islam’s misogynistic oppression for them to recognize the flaw in their agenda.

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Sweden’s News 24 reports that [Soheila] Fors browsed the beautiful foreign dresses in the Somali shop before choosing one to purchase…the Somali Muslim shop owner confronted her, refusing her service because she is a non-Muslim woman who refuses to wear a hijab.

Fors stated that she was forced to leave the store, angry that she had been discriminated against in her own country, according to Fria Tider. She added that she felt like she “had returned to Iran’s religious oppression” and was outraged that the Muslim owner adhered to Sharia law instead of assimilating to Swedish culture.

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The woman, Soheila Fors, opted to tell her story on social media, but stopped short of naming the store because she felt that both the shop owner would be targeted and that the authorities might step in. Somehow, I’m pretty darned confident that had she gone to the authorities and stated that she had been discriminated against because she was a non-Muslim, they probably would have laughed at her and said, “Get over it, lady.”

In this world today, there is no racism or bigotry except that it comes from White society. Where did I learn that?  I learned that from a friend who learned it from the university he attended. So, if you’re tired of the racism and the bigotry and the phobias surrounding your Christian roots, or the Caucasian nature of your ethnicity, I will tell you what anyone in government will tell you: “Get over it.  Liberalism is not a two-way street.”

Source:  Mad World News

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