DESPICABLE! Guess Who Just Offered Illegals Legal Aid To Protect Them From Deportation?!

Once again, America is paying the price for having Barack Obama as their president for eight solid years.

All throughout his presidency, former President Obama did everything he possibly could to thwart the rule of law in this land. He encourage not only non-citizens to overstay their visa welcome, but he had not problem at all allowing illegal immigrants to infiltrate our borders and take over American jobs and welfare.

Alongside all of this allowance, many liberal cities throughout the United States followed their former president’s footsteps in providing protection for illegals from federal agents who are called to deport those alien citizens. In fact, it has now gone so far, that the city of Baltimore is now offering free legal aid to ensure that those involved in a deportation dispute receive attorney assistance in order to find a way to stay in this country. Illegally.

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From The Daily Caller:

The city of Baltimore and a private nonprofit have established a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants in deportation proceedings, in hopes of attracting more immigrants to the shrinking city.

The city has partnered with a nonprofit called the Open Society Institute of Baltimore and raised $500,000 to provide illegals facing deportation proceedings with legal aid. Open Society groups were founded and are chaired by liberal financier George Soros.

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NPR reports city officials see burgeoning immigrant communities across Baltimore as a bulwark against troubling demographic trends. The city’s population has declined precipitously in recent decades, from a high of 900,000 in 1970 to just over 600,000 after the 2010 census. The decline is attributed to the “white flight” that attended widespread social unrest in the 1960s and 70s, and more recently, the displacement of black populations by new arrivals to the country.

City officials hope to rejuvenate social networks — and their tax base — by making Baltimore a haven for illegal immigrant families.

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Have the city officials not figured out that by increasing the amount of illegal immigrants in their town, they are not going to increase their tax base at all?! In fact, they are going to lose money, as illegals come to the United States strictly to obtain welfare benefits and live off the tax base.

How stupid is Baltimore? Clearly, they are stupid enough to assume that illegal aliens would support their city by paying taxes (yeah, right), all the while taking free legal aid to attempt to stay in the United States. If they were to win a civil deportation battle, you would find these illegals in the welfare line. 

Is this really how Baltimore wants to grow their city? What do you think? Do you believe Baltimore is on a very wrong track? Comment below?

Source: The Daily Caller

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