The Long, Bloody History of the American Left Will Leave You Speechless [Timeline]

Members of the left have been masters at portraying themselves to be the real exponents of free-speech, toleration, and peace.

This is a lie that has gone on for far too many decades in the United States, and it is well past time that they should be called out for the perpetrators of violence that they are.

Whether conservatives have just been lazy or whether they have simply hoped the truth would find its way into the mainstream of American debate, it is clear that the truth is going to need some help in exposing the lie that the left has any interest in promoting peace and civil debate.

And it’s time we start now.

Fortunately, this is not difficult to do. The facts detailing the violent history of the American left are easily obtained and demonstrated. It just takes some conservatives with backbones to do it.

“The Revolutionary Communist Party is a left-wing group that travels from demonstration to demonstration, protest to protest, trying to whip up anger and fear among the American people. They worship an elderly communist, Bob Avakian, as the second coming of Marx.

“So during an event they called ‘The Battle for Berkeley: Why it’s Right, and Righteous, to Drive Fascists Off Campus, Out Of Berkeley… And Out Of Power!’ at UC Berkeley, the group held a so-called ‘challenge to debate’ with RevCom leader Sunsara Taylor.”

You might be surprised to learn that there actually are Republicans at Berkeley. Troy Worden leads this group. It is instructive to note Ms. Taylor’s response to Worden’s request that she denounce violence during the debate.

Worden asked, “‘Will you stand up for our right to free speech? Will you join us to ensure that everyone here can feel safe and can express their opinion without having to fear violence perpetrated against them?’ he pressed her, ‘or will you continue to accept the criminal activity your Soros-funded organization continues to push, inadvertently?'”

Her response? “Taylor launched into a diatribe.” In other words, she was very comfortable ranting about how much she hated Trump, Sessions, and other conservatives, but refused to answer the question as to whether she would denounce violence during a debate.

When pressed again to denounce violence during a campus debate, “she shifts gears and claims to be unaware of the violence perpetrated against the Berkeley College Republicans. Either she’s been living under a rock, or she’s duplicitous.”

The fact remains that the latest incarnation of the left, funded by malefactors such as George Soros, are simply carrying on a tradition of the left that goes back hundreds of years. That tradition would be the use of violence to silence opponents.

So weak must they believe that their arguments are, that they have concluded that the only way to prevail is through intimidation, ridicule, falsehood, and violence. They very much understand the tendency of the members of mobs to lose their individuality when whipped into a frenzy, thus turning the mob into a force that will commit violent acts that individual members, on their own, are far less likely to do. Hence, mob violence is a favorite technique of the left.

Once such a group as been moved to violence, peaceful opponents of these riots will want nothing to do with such criminal behavior, thereby leaving the left in control.

As can be demonstrated, the left did not just discover the effectiveness of violent protest in the 1960s, but have used that practice for so long that it appears almost a permanent feature of these groups.

However, enough is enough, and it is time that conservatives stake out the moral high ground and prove the left for the disingenuous militants that they are.

Source: Federalist Papers Project

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