You Won’t Believe What Top Muslim Leader Now Labels Infidels: “Sharia Law Opponents Are…”

Leave it to Leftists to find yet another way to blame everyone else for the problems that exist within Islam itself.

In Australia, as in Europe and North America, the same forces of miserable Liberals are on the march toward Islamification of every society in the Western world. Their thinking is somewhat near-sighted as they believe that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. However, as facts have proven, fundamentalists consider all unbelievers as “infidels.” Regardless of how supportive you are, in the end, you are just another enemy.

A Muslim woman in Australia has raised a stir in her declaration that she believes any opponent of Sharia Law is a bigot! Interestingly, she is a white woman who consistently rails against white people. How quaint that in the world of Leftism, Islamic terror is consider “understandable.” However, simple disagreement about Sharia Law…well, that’s just “bigotry!”

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Jihad Watch:

A prominent Muslim psychologist with a practice in Sydney’s west says opponents of Sharia law are bigots.

Hanan Dover has told her 10,898 Facebook followers Australia needed to allow special laws for Muslims.

The clinical psychologist described as bigots anyone who opposed special laws for Muslims, after a judge stopped the administrators of a Sydney synagogue from sacking a rabbi.

The Supreme Court verdict in June was hailed by Benzion Milecki, the chief rabbi of the South Head synagogue, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

‘Imagine if a Muslim stated similar to this after an approved court verdict about Shariah/Islamic law,’ Ms Dover said.
‘These are where the double standards we have to face from politicians/media commentators and bigots.’

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Under Section 116 of the Australian Constitution, the federal government is banned from stopping the ‘free exercise of any religion’.

That makes banning Sharia law, an Islamic legal system, a contentious issue.

Ms Dover occasionally uses the hashtag ‘#creepingsharia’ on her Facebook page and has recently described Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a ‘bigoted, Islamophobic, offensive moron’ for describing terrorism as a ‘disease within Islam itself’….

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As dangerous as this woman’s words are, it is nevertheless ironic that she describes herself on her personal Facebook page as “Unapologetically Badass Muslim with Perspective * Activist * Self-proclaimed comic.”  I’m not sure if this woman is a comic masquerading as a Muslim psychologist, or a Muslim masquerading as a comic psychologist.

What is clear is that she is absolutely obsessed with Islam in much the same way that Rachel Dolezal is obsessed with becoming a Black woman or Senator Elizabeth Warren with her high Cherokee cheekbones. If Australia bows to this woman’s view of Sharia Law, I’ve lost all respect for the Land Down Under. I’ll still listen to Men At Work, though!

Source:  Jihad Watch

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