Kellyanne Conway Annihilates Obama And Clinton In One Sentence…This Is Awesome!

We’ve all seen the pics of president Obama pretending to know how to play golf, throw a baseball, shooting a rifle and riding a kids bike while trying to look manly. None of those pics were convincing to anybody.

Bill Clinton was best known, during his presidency, as a skirt chaser spending many a late evening prowling, and he left a trail of abused women in his wake.

It’s a sad legacy when history will remember Obama for being a golfer when he should have been doing his job and Bill Clinton for being an out of control womanizer!

So here we are staying hopeful, about to enter the Trump Administration years and his personal counselor, Kellyanne Conway, was asked how her new role might affect her family life.

From Twitchy:

Kellyanne Conway was asked about her new role as Counselor to the President would affect her family life while on Fox Business this morning and she answered with this awesome dig at President Barack Obama (golfer-in-chief) and former President Bill Clinton (intern-abuser-in-chief):

Full quote here:Full Quote Here

You can see some reactions from her statement on Twitter here.

This is the kind of honesty, forthrightness and candor we would expect from a very capable member of Trump’s inner circle who also happens to be a conscientious wife and mother.

Source: Twitchy

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