You’ll Never Believe Who Was Just Suspended From Public Office For Smuggling 24 Illegals Into The Country

Like Poland, Hungary, and Austria, Switzerland has been strengthening its southern borders against the impact that Middle Eastern and African refugees have been having on the economies of these countries. In Poland, there is a no-refugees policy that has saved the country billions of dollars, not to mention has reduced radical Islamic violence down to zero occurrences! For Hungary, the enforcement of the borders has thwarted up to 140K from swarming that country and has allowed them to deal with the magnitude of the refugees already crowding their cities in ghettoes and camps.

For Austria, they have been dealing with a terrible situation near Brenner Pass in the Alps where refugees were once streaming in from Italy after having voyaged across the Mediterranean from Africa and parts of the Middle East. Italy has become the gateway to Europe where the bulk of the refugees enter there and because of the open border law of the European Union known as the Schengen Agreement, these refugees are free to keep traveling northward in Europe until they reach the very lucrative welfare states like Switzerland, Germany, England, France, and Scandinavia (the crown prince of welfare states).

In Switzerland, the Leftists have been on a tear to welcome the refugees pouring over the borders through the Alps passes from Italy as well, causing their economy to be at its strained breaking point for months. The country already deals in a very Liberal Socialist model for its citizens and the refugees have only worsened their precipitous situation. Just a couple of months ago, a Swiss politician, Lisa Bosia Mirra, Leftist to the core, was arrested at the border attempting to bring four underage refugees into the country illegally. She has since been convicted of smuggling 24 migrants into the country, but refuses to step down!

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A Left-wing Swiss politician has been sentenced in court for illegally smuggling 24 African migrants into the country.

Lisa Bosia Mirra is the founder of a refugee aid organisation and a councilor for the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland – the second largest party in the Swiss parliament and the only left-wing party with representatives in the Swiss Federal Council.

She was charged with the crime in April, and this Thursday sentenced and find around £7,000, suspended for two years, in a court in Bellinzona.

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The judge claimed that her intentions for committing the crime were good, but stress that she had clearly broken the law.

Ms. Mirra told the Swiss News Agency that she would appeal the ruling and would not resign from politics while the verdict was not in effect.

“The facts have been admitted by the accused, who for two weeks with the help of accomplices organised a network to help these 24 illegal immigrants enter and stay [in Switzerland],” the judge said.

“While we acknowledge the tragic situation of these people, they were not in a risk country but in Italy and could have been helped there.”

Ms. Mirra and an accomplice were caught on in September 2016 after driving four underage boys across the border in a van near San Pietro di Stabio.

On 31 August 2016, on Facebook, Ms. Mirra said she had written a report on “violations” committed on the border.

“Violations begin from when [the migrants] land and continue all along the path that these migrants and asylum seekers take, and to all intents and purposes, they must be reunited with their families,” she wrote.

The Swiss-Italian frontier became a flashpoint in Europe’s on-going migrant crisis in 2016.

For many of the hundreds of thousands of recently arrived migrants in Italy, Switzerland was seen as a route towards the prosperous economies and generous welfare states of Northern Europe.

However, the Swiss Guard blocked more than 4,000 people from entering the country and promised to build a migrant camp to house those trapped on the border, in August 2016, when Ms. Mirra was arrested.

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Notice that the judge acknowledged the sympathies that the Leftists feel in their attempt to be heroes of Muslims the world over. This is the kind of rhetoric however that endangers their countries and the world at large. They are saying that while it’s noble to break the law for these “good” people, you’re still breaking the law. No mention of the fact that the refugees are breaking the law as well.

The common misconception held forth by Leftists is that refugees get a free get-into-the-country card just because they have claimed that they are oppressed or in danger because of their religious beliefs and lifestyles. What most don’t know is that just like legal immigrants, refugees must apply for status to live in that country, regardless of whether they’re fleeing oppression or not. Perhaps that’s the point of not talking about it: so people like us won’t know.

Source: Breitbart

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