Congress Just Did Something Awesome! Guess What? It Brought Barack Obama To His Knees!

There are a only a few things that would bring Barack Obama down to his knees.

One is bowing before world leaders.

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The second is losing his most precious and sought after American legacy, the Affordable Care Act. The good news is that the House just voted to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a Republican alternative. Score one for keeping campaign promises.

Obamacare is the law that conservatives love to hate. Rammed down their throats by the bizarre statement by Nancy Pelosi that the House would have to pass the bill before they could learn what was in it, the desire to rid the nation of this disastrous legislation has finally come to a head. Obamacare, at least in its current form, is so profoundly flawed that it is doomed regardless of what Congress does. That said, it is certainly preferable that the law be replaced by something that is workable rather than just waiting for the thing to collapse on its own.

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While the bill still has to work its way through the Senate, and is subject to further negotiations and modifications as the House and Senate iron out any differences, Mr. Obama’s signature program appears headed for the trash bin. And none to soon.

Of course, this wasn’t the first attempt to replace Obamacare. “Many members of the [conservative] Freedom Caucus rejected the previous version of the AHCA in March, which heavily contributed to the original proposal being pulled from the House floor without receiving a vote.”

This is no small task, and its impact on millions of Americans will be profound. That dealing with health care must be such an incredibly divisive and partisan topic is sad, but it’s unfortunately the way the game is played in DC.
Evidence of that divisiveness was on display throughout the debate. “Democrats railed hard against the bill, saying it would jeopardize the health of millions of Americans and noting that the new version of the GOP bill had not yet been scored by the Congressional Budget Office.”
On the contrary, they have no idea what impact the bill will have on “millions of Americans,” and that’s not their primary concern anyway. What is their concern is scoring points with constituents and supportive interest groups regardless of the merits of the legislation, something that comes in a very distant second on their list of priorities.
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Ultimate passage of the legislation is not guaranteed, of course, since the bill must get through the Senate. But the Republicans have taken a very important first step. Let’s hope they carry it through to a signature by President Trump.
Source: The Blaze
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