Scorch! Judge Jeanine Obliterates Obama’s Partner In Crime…Sends Out Shockwaves With One Sentence!

When Barack Obama indicated that he would like to serve a third term, if only he were permitted to do so, he was serious. What he did not say, but what he is clearly intending, is that he is going to work to undermine President Trump and to continue his far left agenda.

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We see examples of this in his setting up political operations with Valerie Garrett in D.C. He is also intending to keep control of the Democratic Party through the new chairman of the DNC, Tom Perez, who happens to have been his choice for the job.

How all of this will work out as Hillary Clinton steps back into the public light to find her way, post election defeat, remains to be seen. But for now, Mr. Obama is exerting his influence through his pal, Mr. Perez, as Judge Jeanine just exposed.

Judge Jeanine’s opening remarks during the first few minutes of her show are especially engaging. And her recent episode where she tore into Tom Perez for his fanatical rants against President Trump was riveting. She wasted no time in calling Perez out for his vicious and ridiculous attacks on the president.

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Here’s a sample of the new DNC Chairman in action: “Perez was so bold as to say Trump was not legally elected and that Trump’s ‘bro’ is Vladimir Putin, the same old narrative the left keeps spewing.” Here’s another example,“Perez, in a frenzy, started screaming at a Democratic ‘resist’ rally, saying, ‘Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values, Donald Trump you didn’t win this election!'”

Of course the point of this sort of ranting is not to make a sensible argument or even to make sense. The point is to whip the crowd into a frenzy and get them to go off and take whatever action the speaker advocates.

Judge Jeanine understands perfectly what is going on and wasted no time issuing a blistering response. “‘Pray tell, Perez, what are our values and what is it you want us to resist — law and order? The Constitution?'”  Continuing, “These bozos still haven’t figured out exactly what Russia did … Because Queen Hillary should have been coronated.”

You can watch the full monologue here:

There are serious issues facing this county, and the continuous nonsense from the Democratic sore losers club is not helping at all. For example, “The judge ripped the left, warning them about the real threats facing out country as they obsess and drone on about President Trump and Russia. She reminds us that it’s North Korea, backed by China, that are in cahoots, planning our demise, and it will be Trump who faces them down.”

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Misdirection is something stage magicians use to create their “magic” shows. In other words, keep people looking at the wrong thing while the real agenda is not noticed. This is exactly what Obama, Perez, and the rest of the left are doing. Fortunately there are people in the media who are relentless in their efforts to point out this duplicity and its danger to the nation.

Judge Jeanine is a great person to have in our court.

Source: Mad World News

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