Supreme Court Hands Travel Ban Judge Blistering Rebuke — Stops Liberal Court Dead In Its Tracks

President Trump has an impressive array of opponents and obstacles to overcome as he seeks to implement the agenda on which he campaigned. Of course, defeating Hillary Clinton was an incredible accomplishment, one that will still be discussed and analyzed 100 years from now. But now he has to govern, and while opposition is expected from the Democrats, he also has to overcome opposition from some other places as well.

The federal court system often takes some very liberal approaches to interpreting and applying the law, obviously due to the appointment of liberal judges by Democratic presidents. This progressive agenda of judicial activism seeks to find conservative causes to challenge. As we’ve seen, immigration law has been a favorite of these judges recently.

However, we can be encouraged by the fact that the Supreme Court just ruled to permit President Trump’s stricter enforcement of immigration laws, largely setting aside the ruling of a Hawaii judge that had served to block President Trump’s travel-ban executive order.

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“On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled to allow stricter enforcement of President Donald Trump’s travel ban by blocking a lower court ruling that would have made it possible for thousands of refugees to enter the United States in the near future.

“It was the second Supreme Court win for Trump on the travel ban issue, though like the first one, it involved some compromise on the court.”

This entire process has, not surprisingly, been complicated with rulings going back and forth between the Supreme Court and lower courts as details of what the courts would allow was decided. While this is not a total victory for the president, it comes close enough. And given how the courts could have ruled, we’ll take it.

“During the ruling on Wednesday the Supreme Court agreed with the lower court that the relationships the Trump administration allowed were too narrow and decided not to stay the lower court’s ruling that allowed ‘grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, or siblings-in-law,’ to be exempted from the ban.

“However, in a huge victory for Trump, it knocked down Judge Watson’s ruling that allowed refugees with resettlement agencies.”

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In summary, the point is that “[t]he decision passed with a 6-3 vote to allow more relationships into the travel ban exceptions, as well as the win for President Trump to allow stricter enforcement of the travel ban.”

Mark the liberal judges in the federal court system as yet another group over which President Trump has gained the victory this time. As they have been overruled by the Supreme Court, if they make such erroneous decisions in the future, district court judges will likely find themselves overruled again.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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