Jaw-Dropping $2 Million In Social Security Gone — Taxpayers Are Boiling Mad

Now that we’ve been honing in on food stamp fraud on a national level, and the disgrace of the illegal voting scam in multiple states, we now have another scandal that has been building for many months now. There was news a few months back that many Muslims were involved in a huge Social Security and Medicare scheme to bilk the US taxpayer out of multi-millions through false claims and illegal IDs.

We have a load of Social Security payments that were going out to deceased individuals for more than five years to the tune of nearly a billion dollars! These types of mistakes are thoughtless and inexcusable. Government workers in charge of these accounts make no delineation between a thousand, million or billion dollars. To them, it’s just figures on a page.

Once again, this same department is responsible for the wasting of millions of taxpayer funds by sending Social Security benefits to youths that are currently incarcerated! Talk about complete and utter incompetence!

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The Daily Caller:

Nearly 550 jailed children in just four states received $1.7 million in improper Social Security payments, a government watchdog reported Monday.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) was unaware that 273 kids were confined, the agency’s Inspector General reported. Nearly 160 of those were jailed for at least six months without SSA official’s knowledge.

“Our findings are conservative because we did not receive data on all confined juveniles in all four states,” the report said.

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Additionally, SSA doesn’t routinely obtain information regarding imprisoned kids, since it doesn’t have memorandums of understanding with correctional facilities.

The juveniles received supplemental security income payments, which are intended to pay for needs such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care. SSA is required to suspend those benefits under federal law while the child is jailed.

One child received more than $24,000 while confined for nearly three years. Another received more $18,000 while jailed for more than two years.

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If we’re asked in poll after poll if we trust our legislators and our government and we answer “NO!” the Leftists in the Fake News Industrial Complex roll their eyes, shake their heads and pretend they can’t understand why.

During the Obama years, saying that you were distrustful of the government landed you cleanly and directly on the potential domestic terrorist list. Nowadays, with the long-overdue return to sanity, that just gets you a pat on the back and a “Thattaboy!” This misuse of public funds needs to stop, and needs to stop right now!

Source: The Daily Caller

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