Do You Think James Comey Deserves Prison Time?

James Comey, since his former tenure as FBI Director, really has made a mess of things. From letting Hillary off the hook from her email server investigation, to re-opening the case, again to closing it, he has really let the American people down.

On top of that, he let Hillary go scot-free in three other instances in the past 20 years. What does that say about his ethics?

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Since President Trump fired him, now Comey is going after Trump, claiming that a memo exists in which Comey was asked to stop investigating Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn. But no physical memo has been seen.

As we have been whip-lashed here and there with snippets of truth and snippets of lies from Comey, do you think all of his shenanigans merit prison time?

Do You Think James Comey Deserves Prison Time?

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