It’s Official: One State In The Nation Orders Residents To Surrender Their Guns To Police — Do You Live Here?

A gut reaction to any story about Second Amendment rights and the ability to keep and bear arms is always the same for me. Being a 10-year Army veteran who served in both Europe and the United States and was part of the Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield (Operation Desert Lightning), I have massive respect for our founding documents and agree vehemently with the right to bear arms.

This country is founded on the guiding principles of very wise men who knew that someday, our government would reach over the boundaries of a right that was considered sacred and attempt to snatch that freedom from our very beings. They saw this and they built the system to prevent it with a “well-armed militia.” When a story surfaces about taking rights such as these away, hackles are raised in my house.

This next story, while speaking about the rights of gun owners who ingest or smoke medical cannabis, is one that people need to pay close attention to because the meat of the story doesn’t immediately reveal what is really going on here. If you’re living in Hawaii, be warned: Even if you have a medical clearance to use marijuana, police there have now issued an edict that they want people to “voluntarily surrender their firearms!”

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The Daily Caller:

Hawaiian authorities have asked medical marijuana users to “voluntarily surrender” firearms due to their medicinal status. This may mark the first time a law enforcement entity has moved to confiscate guns from cannabis patients.

Marijuana users in Honolulu are expected to turn over all firearms and ammunition to the state within 30 days of receiving the notice, according to a letter signed by police chief Susan Ballard,  reported the website Leafly.

The state’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened in August, but federal law prevents patients who ingest cannabis from owning a firearm. Marijuana is still categorized as a Schedule I drug by the government and is considered in the same league as ecstasy and heroin.

Honolulu Police Letter Medical marijuana patients in Hawaii are forced to surrender their guns

Twenty-nine states and Washington, D.C., have passed laws to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational use, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) issued a letter in 2011 saying there will be no exceptions for weed users with regard to gun ownership. The agency stated:

Any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her State has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by Federal law from possessing firearms and ammunition. – ATF

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in September 2016 against laws prohibiting medical marijuana patients from owning a gun, but unanimously ruled in favor of the government. The restrictions did not infringe upon patients’ second amendment rights because cannabis was found to cause” irrational or unpredictable behavior,” the panel said.

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On the surface, this may look to many Conservatives as common-sense law and that this is designed specifically for those who are “unhinged” or “irrational” individuals. But please look closer. A very scary man named Cass Sundstein, under the Barack Hussein Obama regime, called laws like this, “nudges.”

A nudge, in the eyes of a Progressive, Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Fascist or Democrat (take your pick…they’re all the same in my book), is a law which pushes the citizenry one tiny fraction of an inch closer to a destination that Leftists prefer you to inhabit. Many high-ranking Leftists were all too aware that the majority of the People would never agree to their radical far-Left agenda; therefore, they came up with the “nudge” tactic. This, my friends, is a nudge tactic, pure and simple, right out of the Liberal Handbook. Don’t fall for it. It’s designed for one thing. Control.

Source: The Daily Caller

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