SWEET BURN: Israel Just Dropped A Brutal Bombshell Tweet On Mexico…Even Donald Is Speechless!

Most conservative Americans are pretty excited about having a wall built on our southern border to curb illegal immigration. Liberals, on the other hand, are able to seemingly pull reasons to not build it right out of thin air, literally. So what is the major reason they give?

Well, the Number 1 reason they like to throw is it’s racist. Yet, it’s only racist for America to do it. Every other nation on the planet could build border walls as they have for thousands of years, and nobody would bat an eye. America has gotten the reputation of being the Daddy Warbucks for the world’s downtrodden masses, so we’re supposed to suck it up and take money out of the pocketbook if we don’t want to be portrayed as mean, insensitive, and greedy.

Even Mexico has a wall on their southern border! But this latest supporter of building a wall will have you cheering!

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has lent his verbal support for America protecting our borders when he tweeted about how effective a wall is for Israel in controlling illegal immigration.


Louder with Crowder added some poignant remarks:

Look, there is a chance Bibi is just trolling, because that seems to be what foreign leaders do now. We’re past the good old days when they just ran countries. But the Prime Minister’s content is right on the money. Israel built a wall. Israel stopped illegal immigration.

Mexico built a wall on their southern border. The wall helped stop illegal immigration.

Really, the only valid reason for opposing a strong border would be that of NOT WANTING to stop illegal immigration. Imagine that! It’s almost as if today’s Democratic party wants illegal immigration. Something about “votes”? If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost suspect foul play. But that’s just me! A silly old worrywart!

Watch Crowder debunk the liberal propaganda narrative for not building the wall.

Open borders are an absolute necessity for the New World Order plan to work in America, because it all hinges on what are called Free Trade Zones, where people and companies freely pass from one state/country to the other to work and sell their goodies.

The problem lies in how the citizen workers are taxed by Big Brother, who then redistributes that revenue to themselves first and then uses the rest to buy influence (i.e. votes) to keep themselves (i.e. Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, etc.) ensconced in power. In other words…full blown Communism!

Under such a system, there is no evil that can be restrained and that is why the Founding Fathers established the form of government in America we call a Representative Republic, or Rule of Law.

The Democrats have done a marvelous job of screwing it up and Donald Trump is all about fixing it!

Here’s hoping he succeeds!

Source: Louder With Crowder

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