Watch: ISIS Terrorists Attempt To Blow Up Army Checkpoint, But They Didn’t See Who Was Coming For Them

When the modern so-called Arab Spring occurred back in 2010, a proud and beaming Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as an adoring American press, rushed to take credit for the events around the Middle East. The Arab Spring was an event that was supposedly a spontaneous event that occurred in several countries in that region where civilians rose up and captured the governments from despot rulers.

One of those rulers was President Mubarak of Egypt. He was accused of many different crimes against humanity and was vociferously opposed by the Obama administration. When the Arab Spring came to Egypt and Mubarak was overthrown, Obama lauded Mohamed Morsi who was part of the brutal Muslim Brotherhood. When American reporters tried to gauge the mood of the people, try as the Leftists might, citizens would not give credit to Obama.

Finally, the drama seemed to be over when shortly after taking over, Morsi was removed by Egypt’s military. Obama made a desperate phone call to save Morsi’s hide, but the military ignored his plea and imprisoned him. Now, forces loyal to Morsi, funded by ISIS, are consistently attacking Egyptian army checkpoints on the Sinai peninsula. Video has been released from one of last month’s heroic episodes!

Independent Journal Review:

Egypt is currently facing an influx of terrorism as extremist groups attempt to unseat the government. A steep rise in terror attacks and attempted terror attacks have been taking place, particularly in the Sinai Peninsula.

One day in July, according to the Daily Mail, a car packed with explosives and carrying four armed terrorists sped toward an army checkpoint. The terrorists’ plan was to drive the car as a suicide vehicle into the army outpost and then to get out and start shooting.

Dozens of people in vehicles were gathered at the checkpoint and were vulnerable to the imminent attack, which few saw coming. Tragedy and great loss of life would have occurred — had it not been for the incredible, brave actions of one Egyptian tank driver.

The Daily Mail reported that the attack could have been much, much worse, if not for the selfless actions of the tank driver:

An Egyptian Army spokesperson claimed that up to 50 civilians and military personnel were saved from death.
He added: “The armed forces reiterates that such terrorist acts only strengthen our determination to continue to eradicate this terrorism in our beloved Sinai from the roots.”

“The armed forces will continue to sacrifice all that is precious, our sons’ lives, in order to preserve and protect this nation and its great people.”

The Egyptian military has been waging a battle in the remote Sinai peninsula against insurgents backed by ISIS.

From the video, you will note that the explosion is significant. This is not a small Improvised Explosive Device (IED) but an advanced and more expensive version of explosive used to disable even tanks. That driver of the tank and his gunner were taking a terrible risk by doing what they did and we hope that they were recognized for their exceptional bravery.

As for the terrorists, I only hope that they weren’t able to exit and shoot innocent people who were in their vehicles. If they were inside the vehicle when that tank rolled over them, the explosion was a much more merciful death. Believe me.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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