ISIS Terrorists Attempt Escape Out Of Iraq In Drag — Guess What Happened Next?

I have heard and witnessed tactics by jihadists that would make a person shiver. From the pure cowardice of stockpiling weapons and ammunition in mosques and churches (knowing full well that coalition forces will specifically avoid bombing these targets) to using children as shields when attempting to escape areas of infiltration by the coalition, there is no lack of soulless action of which ISIS is incapable.

They are not above strapping suicide vests to their women and children, sacrificing the elderly in an attempt to fool the opposition forces, or threatening the destruction of ancient artifacts in exchange for prisoners, leniency, or clemency. There really is nothing too absurd, horrific, or crazy if it keeps these ISIS fighters from losing their heads.

Recently, another shameful practice was unearthed when ISIS fighters who were still holed up in Mosul after its spectacular defeat to coalition forces, decided to don women’s clothes and make-up to try to exit the war-torn city as really ugly, badly dressed transgender jihadists. Not a pretty sight.

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Right Wing News:

After a successful nine month battle to retake Mosul, Iraq, from ISIS, the city is in ruins. But at least it is no longer ruled by ISIS. In a desperate bid to escape the city, a number of now-defeated ISIS fighters, tried to flee the city and avoid capture by dressing as women.

The irony here is that in Sharia law, women are next to nothing, lower than low when it comes to value. So these formerly big tough fighters are now dressing as the very people they believe to be worthless in order to get away.

It’s a good thing that Mosul was taken back from ISIS. And it’s a good thing that these evil drag queens from ISIS did not succeed in getting away. Maybe they can do a drag show in prison. No doubt the other prisoners will appreciate how “pretty” they look. Or perhaps they are feeling a bit gender fluid and can’t decide which one to choose? Either way, they are some of most terrible looking “women” on the planet. They are a laughable insult to women everywhere.

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It is ironic that these men who pride themselves on their misogyny and domination over women felt the compelling need to embrace their female side and attempt to escape justice.

The sad part of all this is that the Leftists will most likely take the queue from this that these poor, unfortunate transgender men were just trying to escape an area that was dangerous and were then ridiculed and humiliated when they should have been applauded for their bravery.

Source: Right Wing News

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