You Won’t Believe What We Just Discovered! ISIS Now Wants To Team Up With…WHOA!

Over the past few years, namely under the former Obama administration, we have seen the likes of ISIS grow in numbers. To the point where ISIS believes that they, in fact, can conquer the world with their regime.

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It’s scary to think about the potential for that. The fact that ISIS started out in the Middle East and has now found its way into the United States in such a short amount of time should be worrisome for everyone who believes in freedom.

As ISIS works to gain its ground in Iraq, they are now looking for an ally to help them defeat the free world. So they’ve turned to none other than Al-Qaeda for assistance. If these two groups unite, we will have a lot of trouble on our hands!

From Reuters:

Islamic State is talking to al Qaeda about a possible alliance as Iraqi troops close in on IS fighters in Mosul, Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi said in an interview on Monday.

Allawi said he got the information on Monday from Iraqi and regional contacts knowledgeable about Iraq.

“The discussion has started now,” Allawi said. “There are discussions and dialogue between messengers representing Baghdadi and representing Zawahiri,” referring to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Ayman al Zawahiri, the head of al Qaeda.

Islamic State split from al Qaeda in 2014 and the two groups have since waged an acrimonious battle for recruits, funding and the mantle of global jihad. Zawahiri has publicly criticized Islamic State for its brutal methods, which have included beheadings, drownings and immolation.

It is unclear how exactly the two group may work together, Allawi said.

Islamic State blazed across large swathes of northern Iraq in 2014, leaving the Iraqi central government reeling. Baghdadi declared a caliphate over the territory the group controlled from the al-Nuri mosque in Mosul the same year, which also became a point of contention with al Qaeda.

Last October, Iraqi security forces and Shi’ite volunteer fighters, commonly referred to as the Popular Mobilization Units teamed up with an international coalition, including the United States, to drive Islamic State from of Mosul and the areas surrounding the city.

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The group has been pushed out of the half of Mosul that lies east of the Tigris River, but Iraqi soldiers and their allies are now bogged down in tough fighting in the narrow streets of the Old City of Mosul, west of the river, according to Iraqi security officials .

Islamic State has used suicide bombers, snipers and armed drones to defend the territory under their control. The group has also repeatedly targeted civilians or used them as human shields during the fighting, according to Iraqi and American security officials.

Iraq was wise to alert the world with this information. If they should join forces, then the world will have quite the battle on our hands on stopping radical Islamic terrorism. But do not fear, freedom will win the day!

Source: Reuters

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