FBI Drops Shocking Announcement On All 50 States: ISIS Sending Cash To US Jihadists By…

Criminals can be a very creative bunch. When you think about it, depending on the particular crime, one characteristic of successful criminals is the ability to blend in and not call attention to themselves. Hence they fly under the radar until they slip up or someone discovers their crime and alerts the authorities.

Fortunately they do slip up, or perhaps one of their associates in crime rats them out when caught. Whatever the means by which they are apprehended, they head to court while another individual or group pursues the same crime, but with a few adjustments. In other words, there will always be work for law enforcement.

Moving around the enormous profits generated by some criminal activities presents a real challenge. Hence criminal syndicates as well as terrorist groups employ subterfuge to the degree they can to hide the money trail. In a story that illustrates how serious the terrorist threat really is, it turns out that ISIS has been using PayPal and eBay to transfer funds to jihadists in the United States.

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“A terror plot used eBay and PayPal to funnel money to ISIS operatives inside the US, a report said Thursday.

“An American-born ISIS operative in his 30s was arrested last year in Maryland when investigators uncovered the eBay terror scheme, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“The suspect pledged allegiance to ISIS and used eBay to pretend to sell computer printers but instead received funds from overseas through PayPal, the Journal said.

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“A recently unsealed affidavit said the suspect was part of a global network and was told to use the money for ‘operational purposes,’ meaning a possible terror attack.”

The key words there are “possible terror attack.” ISIS remains a threat, and the fact that the organization is using what appear to be legitimate business transactions to build up cash reserves in the US to fund acts of terror only supports that belief.

“EBay also said they ‘worked with law enforcement to bring this individual to justice.'”

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That is good news and it comes as no surprise as clearly eBay doesn’t want to be connected with terrorist activities or be seen as the unwitting tool by which such a tragedy might be funded.

But this has other implications as well.

It is unlikely that this is the only method ISIS is using to funnel money to its operatives in the US. One can also wonder what sort of terror attack the group intends to execute with these funds. Even with the extraordinary work agencies such as the FBI do, it is not reasonable to expect that they will ever achieve 100% effectiveness in catching terrorists before they strike.

This is not pointed out to frighten, but just to come to terms with what reality is in the 21st century.

Source: NY Post

Source: Jihad Watch

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