ISIS Has New Attack Plan Against US Soldiers — This Horrific Weapon Is SICKENING!

With the increase of ISIS recruits around the world, their message has been quite simple: stop the rise and spread of freedom in the world, and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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Following the ways of Sharia Law, radical Islamic terrorist have no problems at all forcing their regime onto others and mutilating or killing others who do not follow their laws.

To that end, with the current battle of stopping ISIS in Iraq, they have taken the most extreme measure possible in hindering US, Australian, and Iraqi soldiers. ISIS is now dumping chemical weapons upon their enemies to maintain their military stance and power in Iraq.

From Right Wing News:

Bad news. Innocent Syrians are not the only ones who are facing the possibility of chemical weapon attacks. Just this past [S]unday, our own, found themselves under attack from the same chemical weapons terrorizing others in Iraq.

Humanity’s enemy, the Islamic State was somehow able to launch a chemical weapons attack against Iraqi, U.s. and Australian troops stationed in the area on Sunday.

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As reported so far, there were no U.S. or Australia troops that suffered any severe injuries from the mustard agent, but it wasn’t the same for Iraqi soldiers. There were 25 Iraqi units that required emergency treatment after the attack hit.

Things just became very real, very quickly.

The Islamic State is enemy to everyone who does not eat, breathe, live and die for their ways. This is NOT the first use of chemical weapons in the area, as many of us already know.

However, this is the second attack used against an area where there could have been American casualties, in the the past two weeks. Either ISIS is stupid, or careless. Either way, it’s not good news for the good guys unless they are prepared for that level of ‘stupid’.

So, that is what they are doing, and plan hit the ground running with the plan.

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We as Americans know and understand how important keeping Iraq a free nation is, as the Middle East is slowly but surely surrendering itself to ISIS, its radical laws, and its regime. If we are able to gain a military win and let Iraq become ISIS-free, then we have a good chance of slowing down this radical Islamic terrorist group.

Until then, our soldiers will have to put on their gas masks and fight the good fight.

Source: Right Wing News

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