You Won’t Believe What We Just Discovered! ISIS Now Luring Recruits With…SICK!

No one expected ISIS to behave like peace-loving, civilized people. These are men on a violent mission to spread their version of militant Islam wherever they go, killing as many opponents in the process as desired. Hence, they are, and should be treated as violent invaders. Those who support them should be labeled as such as well.

These are men who have no value for human lives, not even those of Muslim women. If they cannot even respect their own women, imagine what is in store for non-Muslims. No wonder non-Muslims get nervous. How do you know if that new neighbor or co-worker is connected to a group like ISIS or not?

In evidence of this despicable attitude these ISIS thugs have toward women, ISIS recruiters are offering Muslim women to recruits in return for their joining the terrorist group.

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One focus of ISIS recruitment efforts is the nation of India.

“In heavily-encrypted audio transmissions from the mountains of Khorasan, he appears to be heard extolling jihad, offering women, housing and pious life to young Indians.

“Kerala’s Abdul Rashid Abdulla is believed to have started ISIS recruitment and fundraising operations in the southern state in July 2015. 

“In less than two years, he has risen through the terror ranks and is now thought to be the group’s recruiter-in-chief for India based out of Afghanistan.”

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This individual has been busy, successful recruiting young men to what he purports to be a normal nation that is ruled under strict Sharia Law.

“In the tapes, he allegedly repeatedly glorifies ISIS as a ‘normal country’ espousing sharia. ‘This is just like a country here, just like any other government. We lead a normal life here in Islamic State Khorasan,’ he says.”

“Normal life?” Perhaps by radical Islamist standards. But then Abdulla turns very ugly, promising something that should not be part of any society, “normal” or not.

“Without demanding tough commitments, Abdulla is heard tossing out baits to induce his target audience. 

“ISIS’ Afghanistan-based India handler is heard enticing young men with women, saying guerrillas in the group are encouraged to marry widows of slain militants.”

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This is a despicable human being. Not only has he such a low view of women as to use them as bargaining chips to recruit men to his cause, but by not “demanding tough commitments” even that depraved offer is actually fraudulent.

We have is an utterly and completely barbaric, inhuman group of tyrants in ISIS. And as we’ve seen here, it’s a menace even to other Muslims.

Will this satanic group ever be wiped from our world?

Source: Daily Mail

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