You Won’t Believe What We Just Discovered! ISIS Is Forcing THEM On Front Lines?!

Things aren’t looking too good for ISIS in Iraq. Iraqi forces have been making progress in rooting out the terror group and freeing Mosul from their control. It’s a welcome result of a battle that has cost far too many lives.

These US-backed efforts to restore peace to Mosul have been ongoing for the best part of a year. ISIS remains a dedicated foe, but one that is showing signs of weakening as Iraqis continue to press the offensive and take the battle to what ISIS strongholds remain.

One sign of the weakening of ISIS is the appearance of women in combat roles. Apparently the terror group is running out of men, and is thus compelling women to fight on the front lines. It’s a despicable practice, but it does support the notion that ISIS is on its way to defeat.

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“‘After having lost many of its men, ISIS began to use women in the fight,’ Major Gen. Ma’en al-Saadi, commander of the nation’s second anti-terrorism special operations forces, explained Sunday, as reported by ARA News.

“‘In a bid to impede the Iraqi forces’ progress, Daesh terrorists began to spread snipers in the old city of Mosul, beside using suicide bombers and car bomb attacks,’ he added, referencing the Arabic pejorative often used by Iraqi officials to describe the Islamic State group.”

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While we’re used to terrorists using suicide bombers to spread death and mayhem, their appearance in the battle to secure Mosul may be an indication of desperation by ISIS to hold on. It’s not likely to be any more effective than the group’s pushing of women to the front lines. It will just prolong the battle and delay the terrorist group’s ultimate defeat.

And just because a woman has not been forced into battle by ISIS does not mean she has a pleasant life.

“Meanwhile, those women living in ISIS-controlled portions of the city who haven’t been forced to fight are struggling to just stay alive. An estimated 200,000 or so people — men, women and children — still live in these districts, according to a U.N. humanitarian coordinator who spoke Sunday with Reuters.”

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With reports predicting that ISIS may be successfully run out of Mosul as early as June 10, their final defeat there seems sure. With all the suffering that people have endured there under the oppressive rule of the terrorists, and now with the compelling of women to battle for them, the victory cannot come too soon.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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