Shots Fired! United States Military Air Strike Over Iraq Just Destroyed…

It took a few more years than anticipated, but it has finally happened. Iraqi forces have taken the lessons from their US military counterparts and have utilized those skills to a high level of proficiency. With the assistance the American military, the Iraqi army has transformed into a force with which to be reckoned.

Early on, the Iraqi army closely resembled the Continental Army under General George Washington, where the army would very often run at the first sign of trouble, or appear disoriented or timid at other times. Those days are seemingly over and their skills are proving to be most effective in the fight against ISIS.

Most recently, Iraqi forces along with US military support, managed to pry loose ISIS fighters from their headquarters in Mosul where they were embedded in a stronghold that appeared impregnable. As the victory was declared, US air support managed to uncover pockets of resistance and took care of them as only the American military does!

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The Daily Caller:

The U.S. military is still carrying out strikes in Mosul despite a declaration of victory over ISIS from Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi Monday.

Operation Inherent Resolve’s (OIR) strike release noted three airstrikes in Mosul consisting of 45 engagements against ISIS targets. These strikes “engaged three ISIS tactical units; destroyed 18 fighting positions, seven medium machine guns, and two rocket-propelled grenade systems; and damaged 12 fighting positions.”

OIR Commander Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend cautioned reporters that pockets of ISIS fighters remain in the city of Mosul but that the city by and large is “firmly” controlled by the Iraqi Security Forces. “There’s a lot of mopping up and back clearing to be done. There are holdouts and hideouts that need to be found. That’ll take a bit of time,” he declared.

The campaign to retake Mosul took the U.S. backed Iraqi Security Forces several months and cost thousands of lives.

U.S. commanders frequently described the battle as some of the most fierce combat seen by a military since World War II. Some ISIS fighters are thought to have fled with the civilian population to try and join ISIS fighters in other Iraqi cities or Syria.

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It is really most satisfying to see these men come so far in these long years since the days of Saddam Hussein and his death squads. Back during Operation Desert Storm, when my unit was tasked with the training of Kuwaiti troops in the defense of their own nation, the Iraqi armies were the enemy.

Once the threat of the dictator was removed and the people became free to vote their conscience, it became clear that they really just wanted to excel at protecting themselves from future infiltrators and insurgents. Nowadays, it appears that even Iranian forces would be hard-pressed to go toe-to-toe with the Iraqi military. Our soldiers have done a fine job training them and readying them for any situation.

Source: The Daily Caller

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