Border Patrol Stops Woman At Checkpoint — What Was Found Inside Car Trunk Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

When we think of smuggling operations originating in Mexico, drugs usually are our first thought. And there is certainly plenty of that going on, either in extraordinary hiding places in vehicles, on what appear as cargo or pleasure boats, as well as through tunnels under the border. But that’s not the only smuggling that’s going on.

Human trafficking is another big business. After all, illegal immigrants often need help to get over or under the border, and that’s one more place that criminal cartels in Mexico can make some money. There’s an added danger here though. While drugs survive the trip, people die if they run out of air or are cooked alive in some closed container without ventilation and water.

Sometimes the methods used for smuggling are very complex. Others are more simple such as the case of a woman hiding three men in the trunk of her car. When stopped by Border Patrol agents they were discovered and the woman driving the car has been arrested.

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“‘Further inspection of the Camry revealed there was no emergency trunk release,’ the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement. ‘Even during monsoon season, Arizona’s summer temperatures can climb dramatically when the sun comes out. Adding the possibilities of being crushed in a rear-end collision, or being poisoned by carbon monoxide, riding in the trunk of a vehicle could be equivalent to a death sentence.'”

Fox News reported that “Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents discovered three people in the trunk of a car during an immigration inspection on State Route 83, north of Sonoita on July 20.

“Officials say the agents stopped the 1998 Toyota Camry to check the driver’s immigration status. The driver appeared to be traveling alone, but during the encounter, agents obtained consent to open the vehicle’s trunk and discovered three adult Mexican males.”

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Here again we see our Border Patrol agents doing their jobs when they are empowered to do so. No information was provided as to what these three Mexicans planned to do once they got into the country. Perhaps all they wanted was to link up with other illegals in a sanctuary city and survive on welfare benefits until they could figure something else. Or perhaps they were violent criminals. We don’t know.

In any event, they are going back home, are probably out a bunch of money they likely paid for the trip that didn’t work out for them.  And the driver is headed for an appearance in court.

The system works well when it has the resources and the proper support.

Source: Mad World News

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