8 Indicted For Drug Trafficking — You’ll Be Shocked To See The Names!

When history looks back at this episode of insanity we are enduring with regard to the enforcement of our immigration laws, will people shake their heads over the idea that we could be this stupid? Or will we allow matters to deteriorate so far that western culture and legal traditions will have essentially become just artifacts found only in the history books?

The war against the nation-state has powerful allies. Billionaire George Soros and his network of organizations are powerful forces working for the destruction of western culture worldwide. But there are plenty of others. The battle by the left in alliance with liberal judges works to do no less than destroy the culture of the United States, and presents a danger against which Americans must push back.

In a recent episode that illustrates the danger of our lax immigration policies, eight illegals have been arrested on drug-trafficking charges including one who was previously deported. They are: Darion Stargell; Jose Angel Ramirez-Nazario; Sergio Candelas-Ruiz; Lizabeth Ruiz; Marcus Williams; Kuron Evans; Jorge Bejarano; Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez.

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(Darion Stargell)

“Eight people have been federally indicted on charges of dealing fentanyl, tramadol and heroin, including one man with suspected ties to the ‘Mall Boys’ gang that law enforcement said is responsible for bringing large amounts of drugs to the Dayton area.

“Darion Stargell, who Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said is suspected as being part of the Mall Boys, has three pending cases in Montgomery County Common Pleas court involving drug possession, trafficking and weapons charges.

“Stargell, 27, now is indicted in Dayton’s U.S. District Court on counts of trafficking more than 400 grams of fentanyl plus heroin and tramadol. Stargell was arrested after a Jan. 27 incident in which law enforcement thought he drove a pickup that rammed into R.A.N.G.E. Task Force officers, who returned fire and grazed another man at the Hawthorn Suites near the Dayton Mall.”

Now these are the sort of people who are benefiting from the lax immigration policies of the Obama administration, policies which continue not because of any failing of the Trump administration, but because the federal courts obstruct the enforcement of our immigration laws which the Trump administration has ordered.

“The 15-count federal indictment also includes charges of using a cell phone for drug trafficking and one defendant who is allegedly an illegal alien who already has been removed from the United States.

“Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 40, has twice been removed from the United States after being found in the country illegally. Garcia also was indicted on conspiracy and trafficking.”

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(Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez)

The evidence continues to pour in that American citizens are being put in danger due to former lax enforcement of our immigration laws and failure to deport illegals and keep them out. The Obama administration was complicit in this offense against Americans and legal immigrants, and elements of the federal court system only allow this dangerous outrage to persist by their obstruction of the Trump administration.

The blood of those Americans who are killed or injured by violent illegals is on the hands of those who would interfere with or prevent the enforcement of our immigration laws.

Source: Dayton Daily News

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